1861 Census: Bromley Registration District

These pages are derived from transcription & data input work that was undertaken by Society volunteers in 1993-97, and although unchecked is now being made available for free searches. It includes 11685 individuals from six parishes in Bromley Registration District, as follows:

The data included for each individual is Full Name and Age.

To view the data, first click on the table below to access the surname index. Against each surname are the folio number(s) on which that name appears. Clicking on the green link takes you to the "As Enumerated" page, i.e. listed in the same sequence as in the original census returns. Look under the selected folio number heading to find one or more occurrences of the name. Note: An a suffix (e.g. 273a) indicates the stamped page, b the following page.

West Kent map
Surname Index

This is a "work in progress", another nine parishes (8685 individuals) have been transcribed but remain to be input and added to these pages.