OS Grid Reference: TQ3777
The 1841 population was 23,165

Administrative Units

Deptford fell within the Hundred of Blackheath. Its 19th century Registration District & Poor Law Union was Greenwich.
Probate Jurisdiction was Rochester to 1845, London 1846-57.

Deptford ancient parish extended into Surrey. The Surrey part, known as Hatcham, became part of Deptford St. Paul parish in 1730, becoming a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1845. New Cross straddles the Kent/Surrey border.

Census Publications

  • 1851 Name Index and Page Images published on CD-Rom as part of CD9 (Deptford parishes).
  • 1851 Name Index (only) published on microfiche as part of Volume III (Deptford parishes).

For ordering details see Census Publications.

Churches and Chapels (pre-1910)

Church of England

  1. St Nicholas (Ancient Parish church)  (map ref A)
  2. St Paul  (map ref B)
  3. St John Lewisham Way. (map ref C)
  4. Christ Church: Church St. (map ref D)  Church built 1864, demolished 1937; parish created 1871 from Deptford St Paul, united with St Nicholas 1936.   Original registers from 1871.
  5. St Luke Evelyn St. (map ref E)
  6. St Mark: Edward St. (map ref F)  Church built 1883, closed 1955; parish created 1884 from Deptford St Paul, reunited 1921.   Original registers from 1883.
  7. Emmanuel: Brookmill Rd.  Church built 1888 as chapel-of-ease to Holy Trinity Greenwich; bombed & demolished 1940. No information on registers
  8. Hatcham, St James  (map ref G)
  9. Hatcham, All Saints:  (map ref H)  Church built 1869-71; parish created 1872 from Hatcham St James.   Original registers from 1869.
  10. Hatcham, St Catherine Pepys Rd. (map ref I)
  11. Brockley, St Peter Wickham Rd. (map ref J)
  12. City Mission Evelyn Hall: William St (later Staunton St).  Built pre.1884; transferred to Brethren from 1935, later Bible Truth Church of God. No information on registers
  13. London City Mission: Blackhorse Bridge.  Built 1857, closed before 1890. No information on registers

Roman Catholic


  1. Baptist:   Original registers from 1788.
  2. Baptist: Hall High St.  (1885-1891 closed). No information on registers
  3. Baptist: Bethel, Black Horse Fields.  (1849-pre.1856). No information on registers
  4. Baptist: Upper Brockley Rd.  (1867). No information on registers
  5. Baptist: China Hall Gate.  (1861-1873 sold). No information on registers
  6. Baptist: Church St.  (c.1679-1968).   Original registers from 1824.
  7. Baptist: Lewisham Rd.  (1881-pre.1928). No information on registers
  8. Baptist: Octavius St.  (1863). No information on registers
  9. Baptist: Zion, New Cross Rd.  (1841).


  1. Independent: Medway Place Chapel.  (formerly Baptist).   Original registers from 1781.
  2. Independent: Butt Lane.  (later High St).   Original registers from 1785.
  3. Independent: Ebenezer Chapel, King St.  Original registers from 1811.
  4. Independent: Jireh Chapel, Victory St.  [with Ebenezer chapel].   Original registers from 1811.
  5. Independent: New Cross.  (1805).   Original registers from 1820.
  6. Independent: St Paul and Woolwich.  Original registers from 1806.
  7. Congregational: Amersham Grove.  (post 1865). No information on registers
  8. Congregational: Butt Lane later High St.  (1660).   Original registers from 1785.
  9. Congregational: City Mission, New St.  (1838-1941 des.). No information on registers


  1. Wesleyan: Loving Edwards Lane.  (c.1783). No information on registers
  2. Wesleyan: Brockley Rd.  (1872).   Original registers from 1870.
  3. Wesleyan: High St.  Original registers from 1865.
  4. Wesleyan: Mary Anns Buildings High St.  (1793).   Original registers from 1811.
  5. Wesleyan: New Cross Rd.  (1872-1944 des.).   Original registers from 1873.
  6. Wesleyan: St John's Rd later Brunswick chapel.  (1841-1933 closed). No information on registers
  7. Methodist: New Connexion, Victoria Grove St.  (1857-post.1884 closed). No information on registers

Society of Friends (Quaker)

  • Society of Friends (Quaker): High St.  (1692-1907 demolished).   Original registers from 1692.


  • Jewish: South East London Synagogue, New Cross Rd.  (1859-?).


  1. Welsh Church: Lewisham Way.  (1800-66 & 1898-date).   Original registers from 1800.
  2. Swedenborgian (New Jerusalem): Warwick St.  (1871-1949 closed). No information on registers
  3. Calvinist:   (1833). No information on registers
  4. Other: St Barnabas, Evelyn St.  (deaf & dumb) (1883-1953 closed). No information on registers


For project purposes this parish is also covered by Woolwich & District FHS.

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