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Sample Journals

Here's a Sample Journal from September 2010 that's free to view on-line or download.

Journal Contents Listings

From this page you can also view a list of the more significant articles that have appeared in the journal over the years. All Society business, news, diary items, book reviews, letters, members enquiries, etc. are omitted. Meetings reports are referenced only for branch inaugural meetings.

For each article the entry gives its page reference, name of the Author or Submitter, Title, and a rough indication of Content. Approximate length is shown in brackets, e.g. [2 pp] means two pages.

The journals published up to September 2012 are now listed.

I'm grateful to Pauline Whitmore for compiling the contents pages for 2009-11.

Use the Subject Index to make searches for surnames, etc., and the Author Index for an alphabetical index of article authors.

Obtaining Copies of Articles

Photocopies of individual articles from back issues are available for a small fee, please apply to Mrs Chris Barnett, 46 Pollards Oak Crescent, Oxted, Surrey RH8 0JQ, email:

Pricing information is as follows:

Cost (inc. p&p)UKOverseas
Per photocopied article£1.00£2.00

Please make all cheques payable to NWKFHS, or alternatively UK postage stamps are acceptable.