Contents of Volume 1

Vol 1 No 1

Autumn 1978

3-4 Mrs K.J. Drakes 'Inaugural Meeting' Note by the Secretary [1 p]
5-11 'The Functions of a Family History Society' Edited version of the talk given by John L. Rayment at the inaugural meeting of the society on 14 Jul 1978 [6 pp]
12-13 Josephine Birchenough 'Lee - A Village in the Hundred of Blackheath' Details of research being carried out by the author into the residents of Lee [1½ pp]
13-15 H. Rob Copeland 'The Hoares and the Burrells of Beckenham' Brief history of the HOARE family 1655-1835 & the BURRELL family 1688-1820 [2 pp]
16-20 Fred Whyler 'Downe Old Churchyard - Monumental Inscriptions' List of M.I.s from 64 gravestones [4 pp]

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Vol 1 No 2

Winter 1979

28-33 Josephine Birchenough 'An Eighteenth Century Family in Lee' History of the FLUDYER family of Lee c.1744-1808 and associations with families of Romilly, Champion, Newland, Edison & Roper etc. [4½ pp]
33-35 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Tracing Medieval Families' Brief survey of potential sources [2½ pp]
37-40 Jean Fothergill 'The Catmores and Others' Account of the author's attempt to recreate a lost family tree. also some information on the distribution of Catmore [3 pp]
40-43 Fred Whyler 'The MANNINGS of Cudham, Downe, St Mary Cray and Greenwich' Concentrates mainly on the Downe branch, 13th cent - 1671 [3 pp]
43-48 Carl Harrison 'Lewisham Archives and Local History Department' [5 pp]
49-50 'Guide to Family History Resources held at the Local History Library of the London Borough of Greenwich' [1½ pp]

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Vol 1 No 3

June 1979

61-64 'Bromley Settlement Certificates' A list of names on 116 certificates brought to Bromley by newcomers 1697-1735, and 26 certificates granted to parishioners moving away, 1718-35 [4 pp]
65-66 'The Parish Registers and Records Measure, 1978' Description of its provisions [1½ pp]
66-67 Fred Whyler 'The MONTAGU Family of Montagu House, Blackheath' Brief history of the MONTAGU family c.1517-1775 & the BRUDENELLS c.1730-97, owners of Montagu House [1½ pp]
68 'West Kent Royalists' List of 33 Royalists from returns made in 1655 [½ p]
69-70 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Further Notes on the Family of MANNING' Follows up article in Winter 1979 journal [1½ pp]
71 'Farnborough (Kent) - 1798' Transcript of a survey giving owners, occupiers, acreages and land-use [1 p]
72-73 'Kent Archives Office - Genealogical Information' [2 pp]
74-75 Meriel Lucas 'Bridging the Years' How an illegitimate birth in the family c.1805 was concealed from later generations, and was eventually uncovered by the author [2 pp]
'North West Kent Strays' List of N.W.Kent residents buried in the Bristol area - 13 surnames 1724-1939

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Vol 1 No 4

October 1979

84-88 Peter Harrison 'Four Generations of Water Flour Millers in N.W.Kent' History of the CANNON family, c.1773- c.1946 [5 pp]
89-90 Daphne Pipe 'The National Maritime Museum and the Family historian' [2 pp]
90-91 June Biggs 'In Trade' Account of the search for information on John WOOSTER, cycle manufacturer of Peckham, 1885-93 [1 p]
92-96 Miss E.R. Wollam 'Sources of Legal Biography: A Selective Description' [4½ pp]
96-97 Norman H. Graham 'My Launching Pad' Account of the author's first experiences of family history in the 1940s [1½ pp]
98-100 Josephine Birchenough 'The Parish Clerk' Account of the lives and families of three parish clerks in Lee: Thomas WHITFIELD, Isaac HEARNDEN & John HEARNDEN [2½ pp]
100-02 Fred Whyler 'The Petts and Petts Wood' Account of the PETT family, shipwrights of Deptford/Chatham etc., 16th-17th cents [2 pp]
103-05 'Cudham Churchyard - Monumental Inscriptions to 1900' Alphabetical list of inscriptions [2½ pp]
105-08 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Genealogy Connected with a Monument at Chelsfield' Descents of the families of COLLET of Essex/London, 15th-17th cents, FITZAUCHER of Kent c.1300-1692 & HEYMAN of Kent 1527-1619 [2½ pp]
108-10 'The Household at Knole in the 17th Century' Names of more than 100 members of the household at KNOLE House, Sevenoaks, 1613-24 [2½ pp]
110-12 'Bexley Library Service - Genealogical Information' [2 pp]
113 'Doo Family and its Connections' Offer of information on the surname DOO, with list of surnames linked by marriage, 1500-1800 [1 p]
114-15 Fred Whyler 'The Spencers/Gees/Carews of the Priory, Orpington' Descent of the Priory through SPENCER/GEE/CAREW, c.1593-1864 [1½ pp]

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Vol 1 No 5

January 1980

123-27 Dorothy Gladwyn 'William the Tinman - The Story of a North West Kent Trading Family' Account of the KENNERLEY, ALDEN, HART & HILL families of Dartford & Erith c.1812-1936 [4 pp]
127-28 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'Further Notes on the Petts and Petts Wood' Presents the case for believing Commissioner PETT of Chatham, 1667, to be Peter b.1610 [1½ pp]
128-31 'The 1801 Census of Bromley' An index to 415 heads of households [3 pp]
132-33 Doris Pullen 'The Funeral of Lord Louis Mountbatten' Eye-witness description [1½ pp]
135-36 Meriel Lucas 'How Far Have You Traced Back?' Some thoughts on the real value of family history to the searcher and to other kinds of historian [1½ pp]
136-39 Fred Whyler 'The Filth and Scum of Kent' Account of Jack CADE's rebellion in 1450 with an alphabetical list of 225 N.W.Kent people who were later pardoned [3 pp]
140-41 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Tropenell and Wallis Families' Details of the pedigree of TROPENELL of Edenbridge and WALLIS/WALYS of Cudham etc., c.1436-1503 [1½ pp]
141-44 'Hatchments' Short explanation of how funeral hatchments were used, with a list of 85 hatchments in N.W.Kent [2½ pp]
144 'Haworth Mausoleum, Mottingham' Description of the mausoleum built 1875 by Thomas Chester HAWORTH, and a list of the 7 M.I.s 1875-95 [½ p]
145-46 Fred Whyler 'The Lethieulliers' Notes on LETHIEULLIER of Lewisham/Beckenham etc., c.1674-1782 [1½ pp]

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Vol 1 No 6

April 1980

154-58 Len Filmer 'The Kadwells of Hayes, Keston and Greenwich' History of KADWELL c.1786-1885, and of the earlier Kadwells of Rolvenden c.1631-1748 [4½ pp]
158-60 'Bills of Mortality' Brief account of how the London Bills of Mortality were compiled; example from Jan 1664 illustrated. [1½ pp]
160-63 Fred Whyler and Guy Nevill 'Nunhead Cemetery of All Saints' History of the cemetery, 1840 to date, with details of the Society's M.I. recording activities there [3 pp]
164-66 'The 1821 Census of Beckenham' Surnames & occupations of 229 heads of households [3 pp]
167 Keith Laing 'Military Momentos' The author's own experiences of beginning on family history research, inspired by certain military momentos [1 p]
168-71 Dorothea Teague 'The Blundell Connection' History of the BLUNDELL family of Horley (Surrey), Chelsfield, Shoreham Bromley etc., c.1680-1900; includes fold-out chart [4 pp]
172-75 Meriel Lucas 'Finding the Common Man in Medieval Sources' [3½ pp]
175-76 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Gratwick Family' Genealogy of the GRATWICK family of Bromley, 1611-1758, and earlier ancestry in Sussex [1½ pp]

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Vol 1 No 7

July 1980

189-91 Sylvia Davies 'Not Just Head Hunting' Story of the search for the elusive MARTIN and BUCKHURST families of Erith etc [2½ pp]
192-95 Josephine Birchenough 'The Smiths of Lee' History of the SMITH family, c.1656-1816 [3 pp]
195-97 Fred Whyler 'Victuallers Recognizances - 1605' List of 41 victuallers/innholders in the St. Mary Cray/Bromley/Dartford area, with names of their sureties [2 pp]
199-00 Peter Harrison 'Intrusion into Privacy' Author's thoughts [1½ pp]
200-02 Meriel Lucas 'A Member's Query: How to trace the Persechino Family' Suggestions for researching the life and origins of Antonio PERSECHINO who arrived in England from Italy c.1900 [2 pp]
202-04 Hilda Hunt 'I'm a Beginner Too' First experiences in family history [1½ pp]
204-06 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Cheyney Family: Particularly in connection with Keston' Descent of CHEYNEY c.1086-1348 [2 pp]
206-07 Jane Jones 'The Richardson/Clark Connection - III' Descent of Augustus Clark RICHARDSON from the Richardson, Clark & Simonds families [1 p]
207-08 David S. Stewart 'Monumental Inscriptions: Old Burial Ground at Darenth Park Hospital' List of 14 surviving inscriptions with introduction etc [1½ pp]
209-10 June Biggs 'I Leave My Cottage ...' Use of a will, manor court rolls, maps & churchwardens' Book etc. to identify the location of cottages where ancestors lived [2 pp]
211 George Doo 'How I Got Hooked' Brief account of the origin and distribution of surname DOO [½ p]

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Vol 1 No 8

October 1980

222-23 Jean Allen 'Army Records: Tracing my Grandfather' Problems of conflicting information from the Army Records Centre and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission [1 p]
223-24 David Webb 'The Bishopsgate Institute - Its History and Collections' [1½ pp]
224-25 Gertrude Nunns 'The Petts and Petts Wood - III' Identification of the William PETT who owned Petts Wood [1 p]
225-27 Josephine Birchenough 'Thank You Lady Luck!!!' Notes on the TEULON and WAGNER families of Lee/Greenwich/ Lewisham etc. [1½ pp]
229 Fred Whyler 'Bromley Charity School 1716 - Subscribers' List of 47 names [1 p]
227-28 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'The Search for the Survivors of the Charge of the Light Brigade' Account of this project by David C. Harvey, with brief details of the careers of 8 of the survivors [1½ pp]
230-31 Harold Thompson 'The Elusive Eagles' Story of the search for the surname Eagles traceable as a Christian name through the Ford, Hartley & Davis families [1½ pp]
231-34 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Heydons of Norfolk &Amp; West Wickham, and their Connections' Brief history of HEYDON, c.1221-1689 etc. [2½ pp]

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