Contents of Volume 4

Vol 4 No 1

March 1986

8-11 June Curtis 'Watermen and Lightermen on the River Thames: The Chapman Family of Deptford' Six generations of association woith the River Thames 18-19c, and details of new watermen and lightermen index [4 pp]
12 Sidney Targett 'From Sea-faring Folk' TARGETT of Rotherhithe, Thames watermen, 19c [1 p]
13-15 David G. Penney 'The Dockyards Story: and the fortunes of William Penney, shipwright' William Penney 1772-1840, of Deptford, Sheerness [2 pp]
15-17 Josephine Birchenough 'Watery North West Kent - A Miscellany' References to Deptford, Lee, Edith Nesbitt etc. [2 pp]
17-18 Brian Kell 'William Kell - Drowned in the Thames' Refers to author's grandfather, Thames pilot d.1911 [1 p]
18-20 Dorothy Gladwyn 'The Sorrows of Hannah' Hannah KNAPP of Erith, c.1816-99 [1½ pp]
22-26 'Records Through Time' Report of 1985 One-Day Conference, plus photos [4 pp]
27-28 Edna Antrobus 'By Adoption Only' Brief notes on late husband's Antrobus family [2 pp]

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Vol 4 No 2

June 1986

47-50 June Biggs 'A Long Line of Carpenters' VINE family of Laughton & East Hoathly, Sussex, 1620-1773 [4 pp]
51-54 Maureen Holden 'A Family of Blacksmiths' ETHERTON of Danehill, Storrington, Felpham, Easebourne SSX, 19c [4 pp]
55 Dorothy Gladwyn 'William Kennerley - Brazier' Of Dartford, 19c [½ p]
56-58 Norma Wilkins 'Trinity House - Petitions' Illustrated with ROSS family of Greenwich, 18-19c [3 pp]
58-60 Malcolm Youngs 'A Bigamist in the Family?' Concerns author's grandfather Levi Charles EDWARDS alias LAWRENCE [1½ pp]
60-62 'Samuel Coomber - A Notable Sennockian' Account of Samuel COOMBER of Sevenoaks 1787-1871 [2 pp]
63-68 Jean Stirk 'The Paper Tramps' The tramping system, illustrated with details of PUTTENHAM of Langcliffe, YKS & Maidstone KEN, papermakers, 1830's; 2 illus. [5 pp]

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Vol 4 No 3

September 1986

90-93 Michael Gandy 'Non-Conformists - The Early Background' Good introduction [4 pp]
94-95 Josephine Birchenough 'Barkers Chapel, Butt Lane, Deptford' Brief account, & photo from 1839 painting [1½ pp]
96-97 'Catholic Marriages' List of 14 marriages of Kent people in London Catholic churches [1 p]
98-100 Eileen Stage 'Index of Coastguards: Reflecting the history of anti-smuggling' Brief account of coastguard origins, and details of author's coastguard index (24,000 references) [2 pp]
100-01 Sandra Williams 'Mind Your Own Business?' Chatting to fellow researchers at record office pays off [1½ pp]
102-03 Annette Pateman 'Jumping to Conclusions' PATEMAN of Bobbing/Bredgar, Kent, 18-19c [1½ pp]
107-09 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Diversions of a Genealogist' Brief account of author's enquiries into descents from royal lines and Roman emperors [2 pp]
109-10 Harry Edwards 'Church Briefs' Definitions, with examples from North Cray [1 p]
111-13 'Archives at Risk' Discusses destruction of title deeds [1½ pp]

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Vol 4 No 4

December 1986

123 Maureen Barnes 'Sevenoaks Branch' Account of the opening of the Society's Sevenoaks branch in September 1986 [½ p]
128-32 Meriel Lucas 'Cautionary Tales Concerning Printed Sources' Contains references to Heralds' Visitations and Hugo Revel d.1278 [4½ pp]
132-35 Elizabeth Silverthorne 'Hayes Parish Census 1790' Includes list of 58 families, with occupations etc. [3 pp]
135-38 Pat Elsden 'In Search of my German Grandmother' Refers to FRECHENHAUSER and ROEHRIG ancestors in Cleeberg, Hess, 19c [3 pp]
138-40 Marjorie Elms 'Researching in Bavaria' Account of author's visit to research father's German origins; no surnames given [2½ pp]
141-43 Mari Alderman 'Views from Overseas' Results of a Society initiativeto try and help overseas members. [3 pp]
144-45 John King 'H.M.S. Worcester - Cadet Ship' Brief account of training ship(s), moored in the Thames 1862-1970s [1½ pp]
146 Bernard Shough 'The Metal People' Some thoughts on surnames ending in -Smith [1 p]

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Vol 4 No 5

March 1987

164-66 Guy Nevill 'Boundaries' Brief account of November 1986 meeting with Kent FHS to define common boundary; includes map of parishes covered by NWKFHS [1½ pp]
166-67 Stephen Archer '1851 Census Indexing Project' Account of re-launch of Society's 1851 project, by new co-ordinator [1½ pp]
170-74 Joan Field 'Theatrical Puzzle' Fascinating account of search for BURKE theatrical ancestors in Liverpool etc., c.1850s-70s [4½ pp]
175-77 Tom Manthorpe 'The Way the Cookie Crumbles' Author's MIDDLEMASS ancestors, biscuit manufacturers in Edinburgh, 19-20c. Includes photos of factories etc. [3 pp]
178-80 John Nightingale 'Looking Forward to Family History' Detective work in St Catherines House/Somerset House etc. reveals whereabouts of author's distant NIGHTINGALE cousins [2½ pp]
181-83 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'The Story of Martha Hales' Concerns HALES of Tunstall nr. Shipbourne & Hales Place, Tenterden, c.1600-60, esp. Martha nee Carew [3 pp]
184-85 Barbara Godfrey 'Letter from Ladysmith' Concerns Ernest Maurice PAYNE, 1875-1949 [1½ pp]
186-87 Jack Boorer 'Holy Innocents Cemetery, Orpington' Brief note on St Josephs Orphanage & Roman Catholic cemetery in Orpington, c1890- [1 p]

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Vol 4 No 6

June 1987

209-12 Josephine Birchenough 'Poor - But Mobile' Notes on settlement examinations, with examples from Bromley/Lewisham area [4 pp]
213-15 June Biggs 'Spot the Clue' Description of diptheria outbreak at Lewisham 1896, affecting author's BIGGS family [3½ pp]
216-19 John Bedells 'Births, Marriages and Deaths in Heraldry (Part I)' Notes on marks of cadency for sons, grandson etc. [3½ pp]
220-21 Jean Fothergill 'That Which was Lost is Found' Conversation with next door neighbour leads to amazing rediscovery of a lost pedigree; mentions WEST (17c), CATMORE (18-19c); also RANDALL, GIBBS, NYE [2 pp]
222-23 Alice Culshaw and Geoffrey Culshaw 'John Banks' Trust - 1716' Authors discover trust fund set up by ancestor, and administered by Haberdashers Company, providing evidence of family tree for 260 yrs [2 pp]
224 Francis Howcutt 'Who Married John Blinco?' BLINCO of Hedgerley, Bucks [1 p]
225-26 H.G. Willson 'A Muller Home for the Family' Brief history of homes set up in Bristol from 1836 by George Muller, and facsimiles of two DAVIS admissions, c.1850. [2 pp]
227-28 Jean Rawling 'A Tapestry of Chelsfield, 1813-1985' Notes on Chelsfield, inspired by author's transcript of the P/Rs [1½ pp]
229-30 T.A. Thompson 'The Bricks' Story of the Alhambra Music Hall, Sandgate, Kent 1858-1921, and of founder Robert RIGDEN [2 pp]
232 Doris Pullen 'Exciting Encounter' Chance encounter at SoG library leads to more information about author's SLOGGETT & BANKS ancestors [1 p]

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Vol 4 No 7

September 1987

248-51 Helen Forde 'The Hearth Tax 1662-1689' Brief history [3 pp]
252-53 David Asprey 'A Sporting Sidetrack' Author discovers possible link to Welsh rugby player Dr Teddy Morgan [1 p]
253-54 Lynne Marsh 'The Marshes - Bible Christians' MARSH of Upton, Somerset, 19c, and notes on Bible Christian origins [1 p]
254-56 Gordon Bromly 'John Bromly - Free Burgess of Colchester 1677' Author's search for BROMLY ancestors in Ardleigh, Essex, produces results from the registers of Free Burgesses of Colchester 17-19c [3 pp]
257 Don Bryan 'A Skeleton Laid to Rest' Author's gt. grandfather imprisoned for attempted murder, 1873 [1 p]
258-59 Joan Field 'Collecting Sprigs of Parsley' Account of author's search for PARSLEY ancestors in Sth Norfolk & Nth Suffolk, 18-19c [2 pp]
260-62 E.S. Gowers 'Unravelling the Authorship of a Letter on Press-Gang activity in the late Seventeenth Century' Concerns Henry SYDNEY, Earl Romney [2 pp]
263-64 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Descents from Domesday Book Tenants' Descent to author from Richard FITZGILBERT de Tonbridge [1½ pp]
265-66 Stephen Archer 'Inheritance of English Surnames' Book review [1½ pp]

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Vol 4 No 8

December 1987

287-91 Jennifer Morris '150 Years of Civil Registration' Interesting account of the origins of civil registration [5 pp]
291-95 Gillian Valentine 'In The Beginning....or 1836 and all that' Brief history of Lewisham Registration District [3½ pp]
297-00 Eric Pritchard 'The Birth of the North West Kent Family Society' Describes origins of Society, 1978 [3 pp]
300-02 Eddie Ross 'George Ogilvie Ross in Four Continents' Acquisition of handwritten biography leads to discovery of globe-trotting ancestor G.O.ROSS (1778-1825) [2 pp]
302-03 Jean Larson 'All Aboard the Prussian Ship 'Germania', 1849' Brief account of author's SMITH ancestors from Bexley, emigrated to US 1849. [1½ pp]
304 Malcolm Youngs 'Foots Cray's Missing Registers' Story of their theft from the church, 1948. [1 p]
305 David Underwood 'Six Lucys and a Pin' Six generations of women called Lucy [1 p]
306-08 Edna Antrobus 'A Little Glamour in the Family' Biography of author's cousin Peter GODFREY (1899-1969) - theatre producer, actor, etc. [3 pp]
309 John Bedells 'The Language of the Motto' Illustrated by brief account of life of John RUSSELL, 1st Earl of Bedford [1 p]

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Vol 4 No 9

March 1988

319-20 Guy Nevill 'A Change of Venue' Search for the HEAPS family of Bethnal Green & Yorkshire, 19th cent. [½ p]
327-31 Sylvia Batchelor 'Looking Back at Queensland in the 1880s' Account of author's immigrant ancestors (from LND/KEN). Mentions COMLEY, FULLER, JARRETT (Bristol), OWEN (Lambeth). [5 pp]
332-33 Stanley Excell 'Caesar Lands at Sydney' Concerns John CAESAR of Deptford, deported on First Fleet 1787. [2 pp]
334-36 Olive Hearn 'Shepherd to Gold Speculator' Regards author's gt. grandparents James & Martha WISE, emig. 1857 Kent to Australia [3 pp]
337-39 Jennifer Commons 'The Mote in my Mind's Eye' ALLEN/COOPER of Southfleet/Sutton at Hone, & possible links with SELBY of Ightham Mote, 18th cent. [2½ pp]
340-42 Josephine Birchenough 'Away from Home on Census Night' List of convicts aboard hulk at Deptford, 1841 (200 names) [2½ pp]
343-45 John Bedells 'Births, Marriages and Deaths in Heraldry (Part II)' Descibes effect of marriage on coats of arms [3 pp]
346-48 H.M. Hignett 'Maritime History and Research' Brief introduction [2½ pp]

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Vol 4 No 10

June 1988

360-61 Stephen Archer 'Second Census Indexers' Meeting' Report of 2nd Census Indexers meeting at Birmingham, and launch of 1881 trancribing project [1½ pp]
365-67 Frank Kitchen 'Manning the Beacons' Description of English beacon system, 14th-17th cent. [3 pp]
368-73 Fred Whyler 'Militia: Some Aspects' Includes description on the Bromley Militia Returns; list of Brolmey cavalry 1796 (c.60 names); Invasion scare 1803/4, list of special constables (c.160 names) [5 pp]
374-75 Jean Fothergill 'Back to the Armada' John & Frances WEST bur. Nunhead [1½ pp]
376-84 John Cornford 'Tracing a Name: The origins of the Cornford, Comport and Comfort familty names' Comprehensive account of these surnames, with origins in Kent & Sussex, possible derivation from Comports (Birling); includes map, graph [9 pp]
385-86 Fred Gledhill 'The Gledhills of Stainland' Author tracks family back to Stainland nr. Hudersfield [1½ pp]

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Vol 4 No 11

September 1988

400-02 Stanley Excell 'The Ag. Lab.' Describes the work of an agricultural labourer [2½ pp]
403-04 David Asprey 'Learning the Ropes' Brief note on ropemaking ASPREY ancestors in Bedfordshire [1 p]
404-08 Joan Field 'Edward Townly - The Horticulturalist' Edward TOWNLY (1776-1846), seedmans & nurseryman of Walworth, later Bexleyheath [4 pp]
409-11 June Biggs 'The Miller' BIGGS family of Kempston & Bromham BDF, 18th-19th cent. [2½ pp]
413-14 'The Lord of the Manor' Brief account of manorial system [1½ pp]
416-17 Maureen Holden 'Printer's Compositor' Mentions Horatio YEARRON of Bermondsey m.1863 [1 p]
418-19 Jean Stirk 'Six Generations in the Forge' Brief account of OLDFIELD family, blacksmiths of Herts/Bucks 18th-19th cent. [2 pp]
420 Josephine Birchenough 'The National Schoolmaster' Brief note on WEDLOCK of Lee, 19th cent. [½ p]
422-24 Dorothea Teague 'Escape to London' Mentions Charles COLE, coachman in London mid 19th cent. [2 pp]
424-26 Norma Smith 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road' Account of various brickmaking ancestors in London, 19th cent, especially Alfred PINK b.1838 Fareham [2½ pp]
427-29 Vic Shillcock 'Postmaster Cured Corns and Gout' Research into author's gt. grandfather Joseph Bradley SHILLCOCK of Bromley 1812-84, chemist & postmaster [3 pp]
430-33 Pamela Morgan 'Grandfather Dewey - Community Man' Alfred DEWEY of Sidcup 1862-1931, music shop keeper, photographer & local councillor [4 pp]

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Vol 4 No 12

December 1988

454-60 Gillian Valentine 'Conference 1988' Account of conference, including two pages of photographs [6½ pp]
461-63 Mari Alderman 'Running Away with the Circus' Concerns Ralph LIVESEY c1805-1863, bandaster with Wombwells menagerie [3 pp]
466-68 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'The Descendants of Martha Hales and the Glorious Revolution' Concerns CAREW & HALES, late 17th cent. [3 pp]
469-71 Gaynor Wingham 'Life on the Cut' Canal life, with mention of boatman ancestor James HOLLOWAY c1850-1941 [2½ pp]
472-73 Michael Stratton 'Reconstructing the Past' Description of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum [2 pp]
474-75 Mollie Holst 'Convicts in Western Australia' Brief account of convict system [1 p]
475 Patricia Knowlden 'Where there's a Willus' Explanation of Latin forms of common forenames found in parish registers [½ p]

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