Contents of Volume 5

Vol 5 No 1

March 1989

4-5 Mari Alderman 'Proving the Case' [2 pp]
6-7 Dr J. Szczepanski 'Look for Your Polish Forefathers' Describes new centre for genealogical research in Poland [2 pp]
8-9 Thelma France 'In Search of a Surname' Origins of STIDOLPH in west Kent [1½ pp]
12-13 Helen Beeke 'Take Thy Beek(e)' Brief notes on BEEK(E) [1½ pp]
14-15 Hazel Starling 'William Walsh, my great-grandfather, 1796-1881' Of Oxford [2 pp]
15-18 Gordon Starling 'My Grandfather - Alfred John Starling' Dairyman of Holloway Rd / Lewisham / Croydon, 1852-1926 [2 pp]
18-19 Katie Collins 'John Hopkins 1853-1916' b. St Albans [2 pp]
21 Andrew Trotman 'HMS Warrior 1860' Brief note, and cover picture [1 p]
22 Jack Hall 'The Halls of Horton Kirby' 18th century [1 p]
26 Josephine Birchenough 'Dartford & District Branch' Report on inaugural meeting in Nov/Dec 1988 [½ p]

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Vol 5 No 2

June 1989

43-45 Tom Manthorpe 'My French Connection' BAILLY of France 18-20c (includes family tree) [2 pp]
45-46 Helen Beeke 'Enquire into Inquisitions' Notes on using Inquisitions Post Mortem [1½ pp]
47-48 Kenneth Simpson 'Along the Lazy River' GIBBONS of Wateringbury, 18c [1½ pp]
49-51 Gaynor Wingham 'Below Stairs' Life in service [2½ pp]
52-54 John L. Filmer 'The Norman Family of Bromley Common' 17-19c, includes family tree [3 pp]
55-57 June Curtis 'Visit to Watermen's Hall' Account of visit to Watermen's Hall, Nov 88 [3 pp]
58-59 Ruth Cheeseman 'Dartford and its Hospitals' Brief notes [1½ pp]
60-61 Maureen Sawyer 'Coincidences and Conference Consequences' Personal account of NWK conference [1½ pp]
61-63 Edna Antrobus 'Family Grave' Adding names to a family grave in West Wickham (Godfrey, Antrobus) [2 pp]
64 Linda Meaden 'Prisoners from Kent' List of Kent-born prisoners in Portland, Dorset, 1851 (22 names) [½ p]

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Vol 5 No 3

September 1989

83-86 Brenda Payne 'Joseph Myatt, Market Gardener, 1772-1855' b. Staffordshire, later (1827) of Manor Farm, Deptford [4 pp]
87-90 Gillian Robinson 'A Missionary in the Family' Thomas James Comber b.1852 Camberwell [3 pp]
90-91 Francis Howcutt 'Read - An Elusive Family in London' Of Walworth, Holborn etc., 19c [2 pp]
92-94 Tony Parsons 'The Mesnard Family' Of France, New York, London & N.W.Kent (includes family tree) [3 pp]
95-97 Audrey Third 'Three Heirlooms' THIRD family of Dundee, 19c [2 pp]
97-99 Stanley Excell 'A Pressing Matter' John Evelyn mugged nr. Bromley, 1652 [2 pp]
99-101 Maureen Holden 'John Yearron, Tax Collector and Deputy Supt. Registrar' 1806-1883, of Bermondsey [2½ pp]
102-03 Fred Whyler 'Bromley Churchwardens and Overseers 1738 to 1805' Index of names and dates [2 pp]

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Vol 5 No 4

December 1989

123-27 Josephine Birchenough 'Chasing an Eighteenth Century Lady' Concerns letters written 1730s-40s by Elizabeth Lawry nee Yorke [4½ pp]
128-30 Doris Pullen 'What do we know about the Women in our Family?' [2½ pp]
131-34 June Biggs 'On the Distaff Side' Tracing back five generations in the female line (Wooster, Walker, Sinden, Vine, Pain) [3½ pp]
134-35 Gaynor Wingham 'Out of the Shadows' Tracing back the female line [1½ pp]
136-37 George Conway 'George Bodycomb 1819-1899' A founder of the Dartford Co-op [2 pp]
138-39 Neil Langridge 'Burial Grounds of Dartford' Details of four burial grounds [2 pp]
141-43 Jean Cole 'Kent Vagrants in Wiltshire' List of people taken from Slack, Paul, 'Poverty in Early Stuart Salisbury' (1975) [2 pp]

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Vol 5 No 5

March 1990

163-65 Mary Thompson 'The Philadelphia Lawrences' Successful search for LAWRENCE relatives in the USA [2½ pp]
165-67 Raymond Day 'The Minnes of Michigan' Author traces origins of Canadian grandfather Claude MINNE d.1923 [2½ pp]
168-70 Lenora Law 'From London Cooper to Canadian Homesteader - Part I' Concerns JACK family of Deptford, later East End, 18-19c [3 pp]
171-73 John Bedells 'Births, Marriages and Deaths in Heraldry (Part III)' [2½ pp]
173-74 Brian Kell 'A Trollop in the Family' TROLLOP of Wiggenhall St German, Norfolk, 18-19c [1½ pp]
175-77 Patricia Woodward 'The IGI and the Excisemen' Research into PEPLOE family, excisemen, 18-19c [2½ pp]
177-78 Linda Meaden 'The Palatines' Account of local response to the Palatine refugee problem, 1709 [1 p]
179-82 Ursula M. Bull 'Beware of Records' Research into KERRIDGE family of Shenley/Hendon, Herts, 19c [2½ pp]
182-84 Wyn Lawes 'Letter to a friend George in Australia' Transcript of 1853 letter from Joseph Bradley in Sevenoaks [2 pp]
184-86 Lynne Marsh 'How to Survive at St Catherines House' [2 pp]

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Vol 5 No 6

June 1990

203-08 Margaret Spiller 'The Eltham Murder' Concerns murder of Jane Maria CLOUSEN 1871, including detailed account of trial [6 pp]
209-12 Jean Larson 'Creeping BACK-ward' Research into BACK and SMITH families of Woolwich/Bexley etc., 19c [4 pp]
213-14 Jean Quarmby 'A Grave Responsibility' Personal experiences of MI recording at Southborough nr. Tonbridge [2 pp]
215-17 Tom Manthorpe 'Tracing One of World War I's Casualties' Concerns Thomas FULLER, d.1915 France [2½ pp]
217-18 Fred Whyler 'Bromley Surveyors of the Highways, 1737-1805' List of c.160 names [1½ pp]
219-20 Jean Fothergill 'A Question of Values' Quotes examples from 16-17c wills [2 pp]
221-22 Brigit Sanders 'First Consult the Living' [1 p]
225 C.L. (Dick) Bourton 'Guy Nevill - Retiring Chairman' Appreciation [½ p]

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Vol 5 No 7

September 1990

243-46 John E. Barnard 'William Barnard, Shipbuilder of Deptford 1763-1795' Includes plan of Deptford Lower Yard [4 pp]
247-50 Ken Bennett 'Hitting the Jackpot' Successful search for SMITH ancestry in India & Australia, 19c [4 pp]
251-53 Martin Pinnell and Anne Walsh 'Was This a Scandal in Gravesend in 1850?' Concerns COXWELL family [2 pp]
253 Josephine Birchenough 'The Compton Census' [½ p]
254-55 Edna Antrobus 'Poor Uncle Tom' Short account of Thomas H. ELKINGTON d.1866 of Sydenham; includes photos [1½ pp]
256-57 Gillian Valentine 'Battlefields Tour, 5-8 June 1990' Account of tour of France/Belgium battlefields [1½ pp]
257-60 Mari Alderman 'Finding Relatives Through NWKFHS' Response from members to letter in Sep 89 journal asking re. discovery of relatives through membership of NWKent FHS [2½ pp]
261-63 Lenora Law 'From London Cooper to Canadian Homesteader - Part II' Continued from March 90 journal [3 pp]
264 Audrey Jackson 'Where Family History Can Lead You' [1 p]

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Vol 5 No 8

December 1990

283-87 Fred Whyler 'Roads' Brief history of roads with special reference to New Cross Turnpike Trust; includes list of 140 Trustees (1747) [4½ pp]
288-89 Michael Stratton 'The Toll House' Research into toll house built nr. Shrewsbury 1820 and re-erected at Ironbridge Gorge Museum [2 pp]
290-91 Gaynor Wingham 'Beyond The Pail' Names of firms etc. lifted from adverts in "Builders and Contractors Price Guide" (1893) [2 pp]
292-96 Joan Field 'Jenny....a Victorian Provincial Actress' Researching ancestor Jane GURDEN aka DE BRENT c.1839-1885+, actress [6 pp]
297-98 Josephine Birchenough 'According to the Rubric' Refers to instructions printed in 1662 Book of Common Prayer, with references in local parish registers [2 pp]
299-01 Roy Cornell 'A Pioneer from Bexley' Life of Mary Ann Vines d.1907 British Columbia, a native of Bexley,Kent [2½ pp]

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Vol 5 No 9

March 1991

319-23 Shirley Kell 'Queen Maria' Biography of 'Marie TEMPEST' (born Mary Susan ETHERINGTON) 1864-1942, theatrical personality [5 pp]
324 Kathleen Ward 'Dockland Ancestors' Concerns Richard ROPER 1829-1908 [1 p]
325-26 Josephine Birchenough 'HMS Chichester and the Homeless Boys' Research into training ship moored 1866-89 at Greenhithe [2 pp]
327-28 Lenora Law 'From London Cooper to Canadian Homesteader - Part III' Continued from Sep 1990 journal [2 pp]
329-32 Tom Manthorpe 'A Branch Line of the Manthorpes' Account of three MANTHORPE ancestors with railway associations. Includes family tree 18-20c [3 pp]
333-34 Sybil Clay '1991 Census' [2 pp]
335-37 Susan Pittman 'Goldsmiths' Company Travelling Grant, 1989' [2½ pp]
337-39 Stella Szachnowski 'The Computer Day Conference' Account of joint conference with SoG at Sevenoaks [2 pp]

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Vol 5 No 10

July 1991

355-59 June Biggs 'The Court Baron' Account illustrated with examples from author's own research [5 pp]
360-62 Francis Howcutt 'A Former "Ancestor" - Stafford, Balchin & Lamb Origins' [3 pp]
363-64 Bob Bright 'In Search of Sarah Ann' Search for Sarah Ann RANDALL birth c1865 uses paid search of 1891 census [2 pp]
365-67 Susan Pittman 'Crockenhill - the place and the people' Historical notes on the village [3 pp]
368-70 Jim Packer 'Erith Parish Registers' Details of project to transcribe badly fire-damaged PR's. Includes photos of two surviving fragments [3 pp]
371-72 Edna Antrobus 'And I Found "Mrs Sam"' Names published in the Readers' Interests section of the journal bears fruit (concerns GODFREY family, 19c) [1½ pp]
372-73 Malcolm Barr-Hamilton 'Christ Church, Bexleyheath, Parish Records' [1 p]
373 Tony Brown 'Photographers in the Dartford Area' [½ p]
374-75 Malcolm Youngs 'Thank You for Bringing the Wrong File, Stephen' Chance discovery of 1753 marriage at Fleet Prison (Strickland = Finch) [1 p]

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Vol 5 No 11

October 1991

391-93 Tony Parsons 'An Actress, a Playwright and a Master Mariner' Mainly concerns WHITE family from Somerset 18-19c. Connections to Greenwich, Southwark, Crayford, Royal Navy. [2½ pp]
394-96 Alan Teulon 'Greenwich - 300 Years On' TEULON of Greenwich 17-19c [2½ pp]
396-97 Shirley Morris 'Following George' SMITHERS of Ramsgate (Kent), and Stepney [1½ pp]
398 Ken Bennett 'Hitting the Jackpot - Again' Concerns author's gt-grandfather Captain John Sydney SMITH d.1882 Australia [1 p]
399-01 Elizabeth Silverthorne and Jill Valentine 'Answers to Questions' [3 pp]
402-03 Jean Fothergill 'Whose Daughter was Jane' [2 pp]
404-05 Chris Hough 'How Wrong Can You Be?' [1½ pp]
405-06 R.P. Freeman 'A Cricketing Family' [1 p]

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Vol 5 No 12

December 1991

425 Jill Valentine 'Obituary - Alex Freeman' Bromley local studies librarian from 1983 to 1991 [½ p]
427-29 Josephine Birchenough 'The Villages of the Darent Valley' Brief notes on Otford, Shoreham, Lullingstone and Eynsford [3 pp]
430-32 Gillian Robinson 'Four Grey Sheep' Notes on various ancestors - George Andrews, Richard Latham, George Matthew, George Thompson [2½ pp]
433-35 Daphne Thorne 'From Ag. Lab. to Master Builder' Knight family of N.W.Kent 18-20c (Horton Kirby, Sidcup etc.) [2 pp]
437-41 Dorothea Teague 'Joseph Blundell, Australian Pioneer: A Tale of Transportation' b.1798 nr. Maidstone, transported to Australia 1826 [4 pp]
441 Josephine Birchenough 'Infants from the Foundling Hospital' [½ p]
442-44 Geoffrey Culshaw 'John Banks's Will' c.1652-1719, master of Haberdashers Company [2½ pp]
445-46 Jill Valentine 'Family History for All' Account of recent family history exhibition at Bromley Library [1½ pp]

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