Contents of Volume 12

Vol 12 No 1

March 2010

10-15 David Cufley 'Where would we be without Vincent, Keyes and Mayhew?' The second part of this story continues the journey from London to Woolwich [6 pp]
16-18 Linda Dale 'A foundling' Solving the mystery of Alice Norris [2½ pp]
19-25 Philip Taylor 'James Sharp (1808-83) and his Children' A Prominent Family in Victorian Dartford [6½ pp]
27-28 Vera Bailey 'Albert Odell and family' The connection between an employee in Bexley Hospital and a close neighbour [2 pp]

Vol 12 No 2

June 2010

54-57 Cliff Scottow 'William de Scottowe - A medieval Enigma Part 1' Describes research into the life of William de Scottow c13-14c; links to Scottow, Norfolk; Farningham, Kent; Chiswick, Middx. [4 pp]
58-59 John Pateman 'The development of the Ramsden Estate, Orpington, Kent, between 1955-2009' [1½ pp]
60-63 Keith Whitmore 'The Swanley Picture Palace' The building of the impressive Corona Cinema which opened in 1938 [4 pp]
64-66 Bernard Harris 'The Journey of a photograph' The photograph of Lt. Paul Douglas Farmer was finally returned to his daughter in Spain [2½ pp]
68 Ron Gray 'Cups from RMT Repository Exercises' Finally the five cups awarded to Alfred Gray by the Kent Volunteer Artillery were located [1 p]
69-70 Roger Sutton 'The Marchant Family, Millers of Cowden and Westerham' 18th-19th century [2 pp]
71-73 Robert Cottrell 'Solving a 300 year Mystery' Thomas Doggett inaugurated a rowing wager to commemorate the House of Hanover to the throne [2½ pp]

Vol 12 No 3

September 2010

95-99 David Cufley 'Where would we be without Vincent, Keyes and Mayhew?' The third part of this story concludes the journey from Woolwich to Dartford [4½ pp]
100-03 Colin Watkins 'The French Connection' Research into author's COPPEY ancestors in Pas de Calais; mentions some websites for researching French ancestors [4 pp]
104-08 Edwina Peak 'Rebecca Peak: A charitable success story' Concerns Rebecca Reak of Swanscombe 1837-1923 [5 pp]
109-13 Cliff Scottow 'William de Scottow - A medieval Enigma Part 2' Continuation of article in June 2010 journal [4½ pp]
114-18 William Rogers 'Uncommon Cottage' Describes author's research into Bateman & Frowen ancestors in English Bicknor, Forest of Dean (18-19c) [4½ pp]
119-22 Philip Taylor 'Larking John Seager (1840-1905)' Brief account of Victorian entrepreneur; includes family photo and 4-generation family tree [4 pp]

Vol 12 No 4

December 2010

146-50 Gaynor Wingham 'An unusual great aunt: Lottie Camebus' Concerns Lottie Camebus nee Harvey, 1888-1967: utopian, feminist, capitalist [5 pp]
151-58 Cliff Scottow 'William de Scottowe? A medieval Enigma Part 3' Discusses various references to the name, c1327-70 [see also June & Sep 2010 journals] [8 pp]
159-60 Alan Crawley 'A grand resting place - Robert Emans Crawley' Brief account of author's ancestor R.E. Crawley, cheesemonger of Bow; bur.1829 St Mary, Stratford-le-Bow; includes photo of tomb [1½ pp]
161-62 Dr C Sotheby Pitcher 'A will solves a long-standing mystery' Concerns a gold watch inscribed with names of two of author's ancestors (shipbuilders of Northfleet, 18-19c) [2 pp]
163-65 Barry Langridge 'Research - A never ending quest!' Purchase of British campaign medal of 1857 leads to research into John Wallace & wife Marie Perine [2½ pp]
167 William Rogers 'Postscript to Uncommon Cottage' Postscript to article in September 2010 journal [1 p]
169 Joyce Snipp 'September 1939 - The end of a summer holiday' Recollection of returning to Lewisham from a family holiday to find that war had started [1 p]
170-72 Doreen Dillon 'Memories of hop picking' Recollection of the happy times spent at Bones Farm, Faversham [2½ pp]

Vol 12 No 5

March 2011

191-99 Philip Taylor 'Samuel Charles Umfreville JP of Ingress Abbey and his Fight with the Cement Makers' Concerns Samuel Umfreville 1820-1894; includes 4-generation family tree [8½ pp]
200-02 David Cufley and Bob Woodward 'Luddesdown Churchyard and Terra Cotta Gravestones' Four distinctive and ornate types of headstones were discovered in the churchyard [2½ pp]
203-06 Walter Eves 'The Forgotten Architect of South Darenth, Horton Kirby' Concerns Edward Cresy 1792-1858; includes family tree of descent from Muggeridge of Horton Kirby etc [3½ pp]
207-08 Diane Smith 'Letters Home' A letter sent from my uncle to my father serves as a snapshot of a squaddies life on the North West frontier [2 pp]
209-11 Barry Langridge 'Liquid Fire' It became almost a point of honour that the city of Ypres be held at all costs [2½ pp]

Vol 12 No 6

June 2011

235-38 John Nightingale 'John Wesley - A nineteenth-century man of mysteries' Research into descendants of founder of Methodism John Wesley, especially John Wesley, publisher (1825-1888) [4 pp]
239-41 Edwina Higgins 'The 1754 Marriage Act. Also known as Hardwickes Act or the Act for the prevention of clandestine marriages' The benefits and drawbacks of the Act on both the rich, the poor and the clergy of the time [2½ pp]
242-45 Michael Austin 'John Outred sailed on the Surat in 1873' Two sisters from New Zealand fuelled research into the sinking of the iron sailing ship The Surat [see also Sep 2012 journal] [3½ pp]
246-47 Walter Eves 'The Perpetually Moving Vicar of Sutton-at-Hone' Concerns William Hopkins 1642-1685 of Fawkham, Sutton-at-Hone, Swanscombe etc. [2 pp]
248-52 David Cufley 'Family Trees a tool for understanding your family' Useful tips for hand drawing a family tree. Progressing to computer programmes such as Word and Exce [5 pp]
253-54 David Bonner 'Cemetery Records' The search for the death of Frederick Augustus Magness led to a burial plot in Woolwich Cemetery [1½ pp]
255-56 Rita Butler 'Researching my grandmother's family of Deacon' George Deacon was a Band Master 1st class on the fated HMS Invincible at the Battle of Jutland [2 pp]
257-59 Roger Sutton 'The Turney family of Westerham' Brief account of family history 18-19c, with 3-generation tree [3 pp]

Vol 12 No 7

September 2011

278-82 Debra Dyson 'An Unfortunate Discovery? Jane Ingram 1834-1917' Account of author's ancestor Jane INGRAM of Chatham, later Westminster/Crayford; references to WAIN family etc. [5 pp]
283 Victoria Seymour 'Letters to a part-time Barmaid' Concerns letters from Maurice NASH of Greenhithe to Peggy COCKRILL [1 p]
284-89 Philip Taylor 'Frederick Alexander Preston Pigou (1838-1905): Gunpowder maker and controversial landholder in Dartford' Includes family tree 1767-1965 & illustrations [6 pp]
290-96 William Rogers 'Alice in Goldhoard Land' Author investigating his Bateman ancestors in Horns Hill nr. Brasted Chart 19-20c uncovers their 1927 discovery of an Iron Age coin hoard [see also Jun 2012 journal]. [6½ pp]
297-00 Lionel Cole 'On Taxation Boroughs' Land Tax records throw light on owners & occupiers of land in Edenbridge & Hever, 1780-1832
301-04 Keith Whitmore 'St Paul's Church, Swanley Village and the coming of the Railway' Account of the development of Swanley from 1860; includes six photos [3½ pp]
305-06 Louise Scott 'The sad story of my Great Uncle Will' Concerns the Ayers family of Norwood, later East Grinstead, 20th cent. [2 pp]
307-08 Iris Finding 'Domestic Arrangements in New Cross 1939' Memories of a childhood spent in New Cross Road [2 pp]
309-10 Bob Denby 'Talbot House, Poperinge, Belgium' Toc H was a hostel for front line troops in WW1 during short leave periods [2 pp]

Vol 12 No 8

December 2011

325 Barbara Attwaters 'Sevenoaks Branch Celebrates 25 Years' Report on the 25th anniversay celebrations [1 p]
330-32 Barry Langridge 'In pursuit of a Name!' How four naval medals purchased at auction led to the discovery of a sailor's career in both world wars [3 pp]
333-38 Ray Beckett 'Gravesend and Milton Gaslight Company - The 1845 Minute Book' Account of the introduction of gas lighting to Gravesend, taken partly from original minute book [6 pp]
339-41 David Cufley and Ken Costin 'Terra Cotta gravestones revisited' Further notes, including details of Grimsley family as scupltors; 1886 advert & map of parishes [3 pp]
342-45 Walter Eves 'The Lanes of Horton Kirby and the Edmeades of Nursted Court' Brief notes on the Lane family (17th century) with connection to Edmeades of Nursted Court [4 pp]
346-47 Jean Allen 'Kemsing Women's Institute - Mother Institute of the County' Extracts from 1916 records throw light on founding of the first W.I. in the country [2 pp]
348-51 Alan C W Starkey 'The Starkey and Penniall families: Watermen on the River Thames' Concerns Joseph James Starkey 1828-1907 & the Penniall family [4 pp]
352-53 Graham Jansen 'T A House, ARP Ambulance Driver' 71 years after his grandfather's death, author receives his WW2 Defence Medal [1½ pp]

Vol 12 No 9

March 2012

370-72 Georgina Peacock 'The Other Side of the Story' Concerns author's grandmother Rose Harrison (1888-1963) of Bermondsey/Deptford [3 pp]
374-80 Colin Watkins 'Following Mother' Musings on the transmission of surnames, especially through the female line. [7 pp]
381-86 Philip Taylor 'Alfred Thomas and Alfred John Penney - Prominent Citizens of Dartford' Concerns Alfred Thomas Penney 1834-1915 and Alfred John Penney 1861-1938, grocers of Dartford; includes illustrations & 5-generation family tree [5½ pp]
388-92 Walter Eves 'The Surgeon and the Most Hated Man in Britain and America and Ireland and Australia' Account of Dr William Peete 1771-1848, botanist of Dartford etc., with family connections to Steers (17-18c) & Duncan Campbell d.1803 [5 pp]

Vol 12 No 10

June 2012

408 David Cufley 'Denise Yvonne Rason, 1944-2012' Obituary of former Society secretary [1 p]
409-10 'Josephine Birchenough's Bursary Fund Awards 2011' Report on the judging [1½ pp]
416-19 Margaret Furlonger 'Eltham Cricket Challenge Cup 1914: Gardeners vs Coachman' Research into cricket cup won by author's grandfather William Earwaker of Eltham in 1914 [4 pp]
421-24 Alan C.W. Starkey 'The Santer, Brian and Drury Families - A Family Maiden Name Muddle' Concerns confusion over parentage of Rose Drury [or Brian], 1879-1954 [4 pp]
426-28 Rodney Webb 'Mary Ann Francis 1844-1915 - Mother of Many Names' Author's gt. gt. grandmother Mary Ann Francis nee Button also used the surname Hurley, Taunton, Turner. [2 pp]
429-31 Norman Fairfax 'Researching the Unknown' Describes researching the life of criminal Lorimer Lochiel Graham 1820-1914, also known as Malcolm Fairfax [2½ pp]
432-35 William Rogers 'The Oliver who wanted more' Follow-up to article in Sep 2011 journal focusses on the "hollow flint" in which the coin hoard was discovered. [3 pp]
436-37 Linda Dale 'George John Streeter' Research into the life of author's gt. grandfather George John Streeter of Beckenham/Lewisham, 1852-1888 [1 p]
438-39 Pamela J. Lucas 'Can You Trust Coincidences?' Hunting for a John Matthew Doubleday 1793-1850 produces two candidates. [1½ pp]

Vol 12 No 11

September 2012

462-66 Malcolm Sheppard 'Living in Welling 1927 to 1979' Author's childhood reminiscences [5 pp]
469-74 Philip Taylor 'James Snowden (1821-1906): Engineer and Printer' Biography of James Snowden of Dartford, with family connections; includes several illustrations & family tree [6 pp]
475-76 Michael Austin 'Connections' Follow-up to article in June 2011 journal: more on Outred of Southfleet, Colyer of Farningham [2 pp]
477-78 Penny Duggan 'Changing Times: 100 Years of the Broadway, Bexleyheath, 1912-2012' Includes three photos of Bexleyheath shops. [2 pp]
479-81 Peter Crawley 'Beckenham and Penge District Cross Country' Includes account & photos from 1938 race. [2 pp]
482-83 Jill Beattie 'Sporting Ancestors: Ronald Sibley Derham & Norman Leslie Derham' Concerns Ronald Sibley Derham 1909-2001 of Shooters Hill, and Norman Leslie Derham 1898-?1946 of Southend/Chelmsford, Essex [2 pp]
484-88 Janet Rose 'St Edmund's Pleasance, Dartford' A history of Dartford's "Upper Burial Ground" & description of author's new transcript of the surviving MI's. [4½ pp]

Vol 12 No 12

December 2012

507-08 Walter Eves 'Notice of intent to digitize back issues of the Society Journal' [1½ pp]
510-12 Barry Langridge 'A Bromley Boy Solder' Concerns Charles Morrison of Bromley, killed on the western front 1918 [2 pp]
513-15 June Biggs 'The Streets of London...The Booth Notebooks' Account of author's grandfather Jesse Kenworthy Biggs and various house moves in the Lewisham area c1880s [2 pp]
516-20 William Rogers 'The Postman's Christmas Dollar' Author traces his US cousins John William Kelly, Charles Albert Kelly & William George Kelly who emigrated 1880s [4 pp]
521-24 Colin Willeard 'George Frederick Grant Batchelor' The chance discovery of a telegram leads to research into life of GFGB 1902-84 [4 pp]
525-27 Rita McDerment 'What was the name of the firm Granddad worked for?' Brief account of grandfather Charles Target 1877-1959 & his 68 years working for Ince & Co. in the City of London [includes photos] [3 pp]
528-29 Louise Scott 'Behind Closed Doors' Concerns author's ancestor Belinda Smith, d1891 at Kent County Lunatic Asylum, Barming [2 pp]
531-32 Denis Palmer 'Woolwich and Plumstead: Recollections of guns, travel and motorcycles in the 1950s' Memories of life in Woolwich 1955-59 [2 pp]
533-34 Angela Cook 'My Friday Project - Your Society Needs You' Author's experience of transcribing a parish register (horton Kirby) at the Society library [1 p]
535-38 Barbara Phillips 'Bexley Asylum Minute Books, 1901-39' Piece about preparing the data for publication. Includes a glossary of terms used. [3½ pp]