Guidelines for Journal Authors

The challenge! To reflect the aims of the Society to encourage and aid the study of family history research. We are the Society serving a unique area and can record and publish all aspects of family life and social change. Take a look at the map on the back cover of the Journal.


  1. An interesting read. Length anything from 100-1500 words. Please talk to the editor if your article is longer than about 1500 words.
  2. Method - how you undertook the research.
  3. Note sources used, exact references & where sources located.
  4. Demonstrate how information confirmed.
  5. Show how problems overcome.
  6. Draw simple family tree(s) to demonstrate the relationships of key people mentioned in your article, noting the format of the Journal (A5 portrait pages).
  7. Offer sketches or images (with copyright approval for use in the Journal). Contact the editor to describe what you have and how it can be used. Please do not send original material.
  8. If you are quoting from a book or other printed resources mark that text clearly using indent and italics AND write the name of the publication, the author, the year and name of publisher underneath.


CAPITALS or Not?   Family names (surnames) in CAPITALS, first and middle names in Upper and lower case eg Paul John JONES.


Surname initials (date of publication)   Title in Bold   Name of publisher


These guidelines are intended to help and not hinder. The editor is ALWAYS pleased to chat about your ideas for articles for the Journal.

Please see also the Bursary Award Scheme.

Pauline Heathcote (Editor)
January 2010
email: (correspondence on journal matters only please)