Quarterly Journal

Pauline Heathcote

Since 1978 the Society has published a quarterly journal 'North West Kent Family History' (SSN 0263-6506), which is mailed to all members. It generally contains some 40 to 50 pages of articles on family history in north west Kent and elsewhere, news items, and surnames being researched by new members. It has won the Elizabeth Simpson award for the best family history society journal on a number of occasions.

The first two volumes (1978-82) were published at a size of 10" x 8", but this was altered to A5 format in 1983. At the same time the number of issues per volume was increased from eight (covering two years) to twelve (three years).

Journal Editor Pauline Heathcote (left) is always looking for new material for publication - articles, letters, snippets & photos. She can be reached at

Here are some Guidelines for submitting articles to the journal.

Each year prizes are awarded for the best journal articles, as part of the Memorial Award Scheme.

See also the Back Journals page which has listings of journal contents, also most of the back journals in PDF format.

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