Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery
Memorial Inscriptions

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Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
623.Clara May PULLEY1927  Wife
Kathleen Elizabeth WOOD1927  Sister
William Pritchard PULLEY1935  Husband
624.John ROACH189174  Husband
Hannah ROACH189183  Wife
Mary Ann ASHDOWN190355  Daughter
William ASHDOWN193481  Husband
Albert E ASHDOWN195468  Son
625.Harry WIGG192461  Husband
Harriet WIGG192866  Wife
626.Emma Louisa DREW189157  Mother
Charles Oliver DREW18958m  Son
Henry DREW190469  
Annie Elizabeth DREW190556  Daughter
Edward A C PURRIER191569  
Edith DREW193471  
627.George ABBOTT193378  
Lucie Louise BEESON194968  Daughter
628.James BARNEY1890  Husband
Ellen BARNEY86  Wife
629.Ernest Augustus GROUNDS84  
Hilda Marguerite GROUNDS46  
Susan Mary GROUNDS193991  
630.Alice Jane WHELAN192686  
631.William James AYRES189226  Son
Alice AYRES  Daughter
Arthur AYRES  Son
Eva AYRES  Daughter
Mary AYRES190059  Mother
William Richard AYRES190056  
Cyril AYRES19094  
Ada Clara AYRES193363  Mother
Herbert C AYRES193566  
Reginald R AYRES193663  
H W AYRES191823  Son
Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
632.Joe HOLBOROW189211w  
Joseph HOLBOROW189462  
Violet HOLBOROW189516d  
633.Frances Maria Ann PRATT18151898  
Elizabeth M CARROLL18161891  
634.Alfonso GALZINI189263  
Elfie GALZINI1918  Daughter
Even Emrys DAVIES1918  
Emma GALZINI1924  Mother
Hilda GALZINI1954  
635.Helena BONNER193532  
636.C SMYTHE1955  
Hilda K HIBBERD1957  
Alice ABBOTT193282  
637.Frederick George MARLEY193285  Husband
Margaret Jane MARLEY193684  Wife
638.Mary MANNS18301891  Wife
John MANNS1893  Husband
639.John CUMMINGSS189171  Husband
Margaret Jane CUMMINGS189273  Wife
Frederick George MARLEY191133  Grandson
Alfred Thomas CUMMINGS192879  Son
640.George MILLER190858  Husband
Emily Louisa MILLER193382  Wife
James MILLER185233  
Anna Eliza MILLER189176  
Harriet MILLER189548  
Bernard Septimus MILLER191527  
George Augustine MILLER189312  
Ellen DEACON191434  
Dorothy Eva MILLER192532  

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Each number represents a gravestone. Currently it's not possible to say exactly where in the cemetery these are located