Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery
Memorial Inscriptions

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Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
2067.Walter WHIFFEN189919  
Jane WHIFFEN191071  
Robert WHIFFEN191169  
George WHIFFEN191640  
2068.John BRONSON18361886  Husband
Ann Eliza BRONSON18431899  Wife
2069.Emily CLAYDON190073  Wife
William CLAYDON190175  Husband
Edward Thomas WATSON193984  Husband
Charlotte WATSON195290  Wife
2070.Samuel APPLEGATE190086  
2071.Margaret WOOD190770  Mother
Annabella WOOD192566  Daughter
Maggie WOOD195190  Daughter
2072.John Henry DEAN190829  Son
John DEAN192974  
Jane DEAN  Mother
2073.Henry Joseph CANNON190964  Husband
John CANNON191575  Cousin
Mary Ann CANNON192279  Wife
2074.Frederick PIPER190879  
2075.Eliza Sarah LOCKHART191072  
Catherine Carlile LOCKHART192275  Sister
2076.Gavin THOMSON191077  
Gavin THOMSON189821  Son
Janet Parker THOMSON192174  Mother
Ninian THOMSON192742  Son
Jessie DAVIDSON194166  Daughter
Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
2077.Hubert S GOSLING190014m  
2078.Rev Charles Edwin WANSBOROUGH190866  
Mary Eliza WANSBOROUGH192882  
2079.William HARROWING190046  Husband
2080.Annie Maria HARROWING191157  Wife
2081.Emily WRIGHT192490  
2082.Ann MASCALL192577  
2083.George Frederic SKELTON191964  
George Frederic SKELTON194363  Son
2084.Mary RAMSDEN190877  Wife
George RAMSDEN190984  Husband
Hannah WARDEN192366  Daughter
2085.Mary HARBER190761  Wife
George HARBER191369  Husband
Elizabeth Mary HARBER18661961  Daughter
2086.Susanna HALL191060  
Edwin HALL191165  
Henry HALL192386  
2087.Jane POPE192060  Mother
Jaine POPE1931  Daughter
William POPE193878  
2088.Minnie THOMPSON191755  
Hannah THOMPSON192392  
Alice L SPENCER193881  
Rose THOMPSON194375  
W H THOMPSON195282  

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Each number represents a gravestone. Currently it's not possible to say exactly where in the cemetery these are located