Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery
Memorial Inscriptions

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Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
4035.Violet THOMAS196880  Mother
Reginald THOMAS197592  Father
Charles Reginald THOMAS193413  Son
4036.John Thomas SOUTHCOTT190168  Husband
Sarah Maria SOUTHCOTT190972  Wife
Matthew Henry HART1906  Son in Law
4037.Eva HAYLLER190227  
Frank Howard MORTON192172  Husband
Emma Harriet MORTON193183  Wife
4038.Mabel CATFORD19024  
Frank CATFORD18935m  
Mary ARUNDEL193572  
Jane ARUNDEL193877  
Fanny HAY195293  
Fanny ARUNDEL195293  
4039.Clara HUDSON190758  Wife
Charles HUDSON191671  Husband
4040.Ann WATSON190289  Mother
James WATSON191871  Son
4041.Lily Hunt RATCLIFF1901  Daughter
Thomas Keelor RATCLIFF191685  Father
Mary Ann Elizabeth RATCLIFF192186  Mother
Frank Herbert RATCLIFF191449  
Charles Alfred RATCLIFF193768  
Marion Eleanor RATCLIFF192869  
Ellen Jane RATCLIFF193875  
Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
4042.Blanche Ethel SMITH190128  Wife
Horace Burnett SMITH  Husband
4043.George WATTS190162  
Matilda W WATTS190570  
4044.Alice WARD192969  
4045.Alfred MOSS1900  Husband
Elizabeth MOSS1900  Wife
4046.Anna LEE190060  Wife
John Bennett LEE190264  Husband
4047.Annie May BENNETT1900  
Edward BRYANT194232  
Ann Ladyman BENNETT195282  Wife
Colin E BENNETT195891  Husband
Colin Leslie BENNETT197775  
Stanley BENNETT196652  
4048.Emily Louisa VELLENOWETH192757  Wife
Charles VELLENOWETH194473  Husband
4049.Doris Agnes BUCKHOLT192719  Daughter
Kate BUCKHOLT195879  Mother
4050.Ann NASH192789  
Charlotte Minnie NASH195387  Wife
Henry NASH195488  Husband
4051.J B CHARMAN1929  
J C M CHARMAN1954100  

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Each number represents a gravestone. Currently it's not possible to say exactly where in the cemetery these are located