Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery
Memorial Inscriptions

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Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
4866.Mary O'GORMAN1960  
Bridget O'GORMAN19041972  
4867.Edw Charles ALLEN196048  Husband
Alice Martha ALLEN196852  Wife
4868.Lucy Agnes COLE193844  
Mary H COLE196673  
Reginald E COLE197974  
4869.Jeremiah HEALEY193066  
4870.Maggie MILLS192549  Wife
George T MILLS192867  Husband
Bertha KING193460  
4871.E Margaret MONAGHAN192743  
4872.Madileine Gillian WHITE  
Jillian Angela Rosemary WHITE195424  
4873.Patrich KELLENER193054  
Charles CROAK195072  Husband
Mary Ann CROAK195878  Wife
4874.John Edw NOTT-BARNES18631927  Husband
Frances Teresa NOTT-BARNES193281  Wife
4875.Emmerline Vavasour DALEY195177  
4876.Peter John ALBREGHT193076  Husband
Hannah Ann ALBREGHT194284  Wife
4877.Herbert Edmund OLIVER192861  
4878.Emily GALLIAN194859  Mother
Anthony GALLIAN195776  Father
Eileen GALLIAN194122  Daughter
Phyllis GALLIAN193022  
Gerald GALLIAN195746  
Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
4879.Sarah HANSON190876  
John Ganges HANSON  
E Slarmer HANSON1955  
Louisa E HANSON5  
K Starmer HANSON  
4880.Patrick A O'BYRNE191056  
4881.Agnes E O'CALLAGHAN190614  Daughter
Micheal O'CALLAGHAN190954  Father
Ellen O'CALLAGHAN191760  Mother
Micheal O'CALLAGHAN  Son
Winifred O'CALLAGHAN  Daughter
John O'CALLAGHAN191520  Son
Joseph Micheal O'CALLAGHAN195565  
Ethel Flo O'CALLAGHAN196977  
4882.Arturo Cispert y SABATER191557  Husband
Remedios Puicuricuer y PALMAROLA DE FISPERT192762  Wife
Albert S GISBERT194238  
Francis M M GISBERT195150  
Modesto Gispert de PUIGURIGUER191724  Son
Satiago Adolfo Modesto Gispert de PUIGURIGUER196676  Son
4883.Mary Glenn MCCARTHY1932  
4884.Charlotte SHEEHAN189967  Wife
Daniel SHEEHAN190682  Husband
Alfred Joseph SHEEHAN1899  
4885.Catherine HOGAN189960  Wife
John HOGAN190769  Husband
Joseph HOGAN191042  Son
Wm HOGAN197696  

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Each number represents a gravestone. Currently it's not possible to say exactly where in the cemetery these are located