Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery
Memorial Inscriptions

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Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
6952.William George EATON192746  
6953.G FORD192780  
6954.Victor Rickman LEVETT19226  
6955.John Robert WIGGINS192259  Husband
Mary WIGGINS193667  Wife
6956.Richard HEAD192252  
William Frederick HEAD192264  
6957.Emily Ada HOWE192253  Daughter
Frederick Henry HOWE193467  Husband
George KING192378  Father
Edith Mary KING194155  Daughter
6958.William Walter STEVENS193784  
Mary Bouvier STEVENS193884  
William Albert STEVENS192210  
Ethel Laura STEVENS196884  
William Arthur STEVENS197692  
6959.Helen Jessie Jane WHITE192261  Mother
Frederick Handley WHITE193074  Father
Helen Elizabeth WHITE194059  Daughter
Charlotte Mary WHITE194462  Daughter
6960.Emily Elizabeth BURCHALL192249  
6961.Alfred GABLE192976  Husband
Maria GABLE195296  Wife
Annie MILES70  
6962.Arthur W SMITH192962  Husband
Frances Mary SMITH195484  Wife
Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
6963.William Mitchell MORTIMORE192276  
6964.Robert W SMITH192264  Husband
Anne I SMITH  Wife
6965.William P PASCOE192256  Husband
Clara PASCOE194682  Wife
6966.Rose Ellen BRADSHAW192244  Wife
Arthur Walter BRADSHAW1963  Husband
6967.Emma Hannah ROUTLEDGE192255  Wife
Edward John ROUTLEDGE192960  Husband
6968.Joan Mary MURRAY19223  
Matilda E MURRAY192536  
6969.Charle A G FISHER19226  
6970.Henry COTTEN192237  
6971.Harold Edmund SAMUEL192239  
John Moses SAMUEL192274  
Martha SAMUEL192771  
6972.Frederick MILES192239  
6973.Edward Honiton LEWIS192258  
6974.William Nelson INNOCENT192225  Son
Clarissa INNOCENT192968  Father
William Frank INNOCENT193375  Mother
6975.Ethel Rose SHORT193029  
George Edward SHORT193380  
Rosanna SHORT193575  
6976.Emily TAYLOR193161  
Arthur Edward TAYLOR196168  
Elsie Emily TAYLOR197581  

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Each number represents a gravestone. Currently it's not possible to say exactly where in the cemetery these are located