Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery
Memorial Inscriptions

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Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
11343.Richard COOK1868  Husband
Mary Ann COOK1878  Wife
Isaac GEER188168  
11344.Henry HUTCHINS193981  
Harriet HUTCHINS193972  
11345.William James STARKEY193169  Husband
Elizabeth STARKEY195383  Wife
11346.Thomas Frederick TAYLOR193766  Father
Alice TAYLOR193134  Daughter
11347.Alfred Thomas STUART193360  Husband
Elizabeth STUART194172  Wife
11348.Madeline Mary MORLEY193124  
11349.Esther HEAL193168  Mother
Arthur HEAL191829  Son
11350.Betty Irene BROMLEY1930  Daughter
Arthur Edward BROMLEY193635  Father
11351.Vera Maud BATTEN1930  
Percy Edmond BATTEN194752  
11352.Eleanor S MILES193369  Wife
Thomas MILES194887  Husband
11353.Edith Amelia MELFORD193127  
Emily L RODGERS194064  Mother
11354.Job HEATH  Father
Cornelia HEATH  Mother
Caroline Elizabeth HEATH186718  Daughter
Alice Ann HEATH187119  Daughter
Emily Lucy HEATH188417  Daughter
George HEATH  Mother
Ada HEATH  Father
Walter George HEATH1894  Son
Florence Kate HEATH1895  
Alfred John HEATH1892  
Emma Jane HEATH1852  
Rosa HEATH18633  
Hilda Cornelia HEATH19016  
Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
11355.Rose NUNN193156  
Henry Hayns NUNN193161  
11356.John Cecil BICKERSTAFF193022  
Alfred Smith BICKERSTAFF194767  
11357.Ernest HARDING19304  
11358.George James BAKER193454  Husband
Florence Elizabeth BAKER195374  Wife
11359.Eliza STREETER1933  
Eliza Fanny PAINE1938  
11360.Arthur LONGHURST191345  
11361.Martha FOYSTON191385  Mother
Thomas William FOYSTON1919  Son
11362.Edward Francis BORROFF193937  
Dorothy Ellen BORROFF19041978  
11363.Alice Mary GORMAN191339  Wife
Alfred GORMAN193147  Husband
11364.Mary SAUNDERS192665  
James SAUNDERS193374  
11365.George DAKIN191363  1st husband
Mary Ann COLLS192358  Wife
H J L COLLS  2nd husband
11366.Elizabeth SMITH191355  
Chester SMITH  
11367.Clifford Frederick WELLS1913  
11368.Ambrose Edwin CUMMING193246  Son
William CUMMING193487  Father
Mary Ann CUMMING193790  Mother

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Each number represents a gravestone. Currently it's not possible to say exactly where in the cemetery these are located