Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery
Memorial Inscriptions

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Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
11553.Catherine Elizabeth PENFOLD190864  Wife
Charles PENFOLD192177  Husband
11554.George ABEL191265  
11555.James SNOW191265  Husband
Sarah SNOW193083  Wife
11556.Caroline NEAL191290  
Charlotte NEAL192572  Daughter in Law
Edwin NEAL194890  Husband
11557.Emma Jane SKELT191266  
William Pery SKELT192678  
11558.Kenneth Bristow SKINNER19124  
11559.William GLENDINNING191244  Husband
Sarah Annie GLENDINNING195088  Wife
11560.Herbert Thomas PURRHAS191256  Father
Margaret PURRHAS191626  Daughter
11561.Alice Maud WOODS1912  
11562.Lucretia GREENHILL191248  Wife
Charles GREENHILL191551  Husband
11563.Henry William KING191318  Son
Alice KING192571  
Frederick KING193366  Father
Maria KING193971  Mother
11564.Joyce Bertha SWAIN1923  
11565.Margaret Ellen SMITH191336  
11566.Mary Ann TOWERS191370  Wife
Edward TOWERS192680  Husband
Edward TOWERS192255  Son
Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
11567.Thursa MABSON191361  Wife
George William MABSON191460  Husband
George Walter MABSON193856  
11568.Edith May Buckle BELL191330  
Joan Edith BELL193621  
11569.Elizabeth SMITH193983  Mother
Henrietta Lilian SMITH195678  Daughter
11570.Lily May ALLAN191327  
John James ALLAN191568  Husband
Nellie Ada ALLAN191642  
Sarah ALLAN192072  Wife
11571.Walter COLLINS191372  
11572.Betty WORDINGHAM19131  
11573.George HARBER193366  
11574.Ada Caroline FISK195681  Wife
Frederick Charles FISK196285  Husband
11575.Hilda Clementine Maud ATTWOOD191442  
Thomas William ATTWOOD193681  
11576.Micheal CONNOLLY1933  Brother
Mary Ann CONNOLLY1941  Sister
Ellen CONNOLLY1946  Sister
11577.Frederick William THOMAS193173  Husband
Ellen THOMAS194487  Wife
11578.Emily Ivy RICHARDSON193222  Daughter
Charles RICHARDSON194666  Husband
Beatrice Elizabeth RICHARDSON195572  Wife

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Each number represents a gravestone. Currently it's not possible to say exactly where in the cemetery these are located