Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery
Memorial Inscriptions

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Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
13372.Robert COOPER193723  Son
John COOPER193855  Father
L FINN193987  Mother
13373.Emma WOOLVERTON193744  
Charles Creed WOOLVERTON197079  
13374.William ROCKLEY193883  
Mary Rose ROCKLEY194982  Wife
13375.Henry Middlemore WARD193671  
Mary Ann WARD195287  
13376.Lilian Margaret MINTER195568  Mother
Hilda Maud FARRINGTON193628  Daughter
George MINTER195978  Father
13377.Jessie L EDMONDS193639  Daughter
Jessie EDMONDS195377  Mother
13378.Elizabeth Sophia BETHELL193678  
Edwin BETHELL191552  
13379.Charles Arthur RAE193664  Husband
Ellen Jane Elizabeth RAE195580  Wife
Ellen Georgina Atherton RAE197778  
13380.William Francis PHILLIPS193661  Father
Beatrice Eva Doris WEBB195454  Daughter
13381.Alice Gertrude MAY1936  Mother
Mervyn Collier Hawkey MAY1918  Son
13382.Mary E PRITCHARD193672  Wife
Robert J PRITCHARD193778  Husband
Ref.NameBornDiedAge  Relationship
13383.Edward John BARRY193642  
Florence Maria Martha BARRY195793  
Edmund Wanstll Ballantine COOPER195053  Brother in Law
Norman Patrick BARRY196767  
13384.Florence Rose COWDERRY193635  Daughter
Christopher COWDERRY191819  Son
Jane Rose COWDERRY195274  Mother
Christopher COWDERRY196486  Father
13385.Rose Ann HICKMAN193661  
Clara CROSS195280  Sister in Law
13386.William LAKER193668  
Dorothy PARKINSON193639  
Florence Selina LAKER195693  
13387.William R COOPER193660  Husband
Agnes Charlotte COOPER196086  Wife
13388.Amelia Emma DAY193663  Wife
Holly DAY192514  
Edward DAY194278  Husband
13389.Joseph INGLE193666  
Edith Mary INGLE195478  
13390.Amelia Dorothy AYLETT193638  Daughter
Alfred William AYLETT194578  Father
Emma Jane AYLETT195186  
13391.Fanny Ellen ISAAC193674  
Mary Ann SHANKSTER194978  Sister
Leonard George SHAKSTER195775  

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Each number represents a gravestone. Currently it's not possible to say exactly where in the cemetery these are located