Society Library


Janet Rose
Library exterior Joydens Wood map

The Society Library & Resource Centre is located at Summerhouse Drive, Joydens Wood Estate, Bexley, DA5 2EE - on the corner of Eden Road, marked in red on the map. The Society Librarian is Janet Rose (left).

Opening hours are every Wednesday, 10am-4pm.

Refreshments are available, there are toilets in the building, and as we're on the ground floor wheelchair access is no problem.

We have our own room, separate from the main library, where our complete collection of books and other reference material is now available on open shelves. This includes microfiche, data CD's and a set of tapes from the Tape Library. Much of this material is available for loan to members.

We have computers with internet access, this includes Ancestry and other on-line genealogical databases. We're working on re-establishing our email link.

Non-members are welcome to visit.

You can contact David Turner regarding library matters by emailing

See also some library photos.

Library Catalogue

You can view or download the library catalogues from here.

Travel Details

There is no car park but parking is available in the road. Bus services are the 429 and the B12. With the B12 (Joydens Wood Post Office), the stop you use depends on the time of day - after 12 noon it's on the opposite side of the road - see "Route Record" at the bottom of the B12 website page.

Official Opening

The library moved to its current location in April 2009 and was formally opened on 24 June 2009 - see photos. It was previously at Hextable Heritage Centre for eight years.