Research Service

The Society offers to members and non-members a Genealogical Research Service. The service we offer is described below. To take advantage of this, please send the relevant form and/or request to this address:

The Research Co-ordinator, NWKFHS Library & Resource Centre, c/o KCC Library, Summerhouse Drive, Joydens Wood Estate, Bexley, DA5 2EE, or email the

Library Based Research

Society volunteers are available to carry out research for members and non-members at a cost of £10 per hour. This service uses parish registers and other sources at the Society Library covering the North West Kent area. We cannot guarantee a result but we will do our best to answer your enquiry. Please print and complete the Research Request form and post or email to the address above. You will need to give the name of the person you wish researched, date of birth/baptism/marriage (estimated if not sure) and any other details you may have. We will carry out a five year search.

You should send a payment of £10 (in sterling, UK requests only) with your request. We also have arrangements with two commercial companies, Genfair and Parish Chest, who can accept payments on our behalf. This is the only method available if you live outside the UK. If you wish to pay by this method, please click Genfair or Parish Chest to be taken to the relevant page.

The charge is in units of £10, which together with an administrative charge of £1.00 makes a total of £11 per unit. Please note that with Genfair a customer in the EU has to pay VAT on the order. No VAT is charged on Parish Chest. Please do not send cash. We will also let you know if it is felt that further research would be of benefit. Results of the research can be sent either by post or as an email attachment.

We are not able to carry out blanket searches of a surname.

The cost of £10 per hour is non-refundable. Researchers are only available one day a week so please be patient and allow four weeks for a reply.

To see the sources that volunteers have access to, please view the Library Catalogues page.

Inhabitants of North West Kent Index

This is a collection of indexes, transcripts and lists generated by the Society and other individuals over the years.

The collection of indexes is maintained by Society volunteer Linda Meaden, who can search for a specific surname (one only please). Please send an A4 SAE or 2IRCs (no search will be made unless provided) to the Research Coordinator at the address above. There is no charge, but a donation to the Society would be appreciated.

In addition some other resources can be searched, which include Wrotham and Northfleet 1851 census indexes. There is a charge of £2 per enquiry, payable in advance, plus an A4 SAE.