If you are a NWKFHS member, please login, if not, please join today.

If you are a NWKFHS member, please login, if not, please join today.

Library Master Catalogues

You can view or download the Library Master Catalogue (October 2021 update, excludes microfiche & film). 

Searching the PDFs:

Once the PDF has loaded, press  the Ctrl+F (Command+F on a Mac) keys to bring up a search field towards the top right hand corner of your screen. You may then enter a word to search for and you will be taken to its first location within the document.  The number of times the word appears will be displayed to the right of your search word and you can move to the next or previous occurrence by using the up and down icons (Carets).

For Sale, Donated books, maps and CDs

The Society Library has been formed with books, maps and CDs useful to researchers of family and local history. The books have either been purchased by the Society or donated by members.

When donated books duplicate books already in the library they are offered for sale to members for a donation to the Society.

A list of some of the books for sale is available as a searchable pdf, see download button on the right. If you would like to purchase any of the books, please make a donation offer and email the library@nwkfhs.org.uk. If the offer is accepted and assuming it has not already been sold it will be put aside for your collection and payment.

Stray Certificates located at BGR0023 in the Library.

Over the years members have donated BMD certificates that they obtained only to discover they are not of their family. These have been collected at the library in three volumes on the open shelves. The index to these volumes under the Birth, Marriage and Death headings are available as PDF files to download under the buttons on this page. These indexes were updated on the 24 February 2022.

If you want more information than is shown on the index, please contact the Society and explain what information you are seeking. A small donation would be appreciated; via the Eshop.

Microfiche & Microfilm Catalogue

This has its own catalogue which can be viewed here (January 2022 update).

The Photographic Collection

You can view or download the Photographic Collection Listing (2013 update). The second part of this collection is the Kent Parish Church listing (2013 update).

The Photographic Collection is not included in the Master Catalogue as these are not public publications. The photographs have come from private family history collections donated to the Society for the use by members or the Ivan Green 'Kent Parish Church Collection'. The original photographs and slides have been scanned and printed into a standard size (6" x 4", 150mm x 100mm) and format for reference and display in the Library on the open shelves. The original photographs are in their 'as received' size, format and mounting and have been put into the Library store and can be produced if requested. Each photograph has been given an individual reference which starts with 'PHC' or 'KPC' followed by a four figure number.

The Library will accept photographs that are donated to the Society. Donated photographs should show a place and or activity from our area. Pictures that show just 'granny' are not generally accepted unless there is a story or article that refers to them. Copyright of the pictures should be passed to the Society so they can reproduce them.

The Map Collection

The Map Collection is included as part of the NWKFHS Master Library Catalogue. You can view and download this part of the Library Catalogue Listing (July 2018 update).

Old Document Collection.

The Society has obtained original old documents from various sources. Members who spotted them at auctions, on eBay or found them in relatives’ lofts have donated them to the Library. In one or two cases the Society obtained sponsors to fund the purchase of documents that were felt to be important to research in our area i.e., the Cudham documents.

All these documents are stored at the Society Library.

To make them available to a wider audience we have started indexing each document. We have also started to photograph them to provide a digital copy to our transcribers to work upon. It is hoped in the long term we will have an index of the all the documents, a digital image and a transcription.

The start of the indexing has been commenced by Joan Everitt and David Cufley.

Jon Henderson has designed a rig to enable him to photograph the documents and he has commenced the exercise.

If you want to help with this aim, please contact the Library.

The Tape Library

The Society Tape Library consists of audio tapes made of the talks given by various speakers at our Branch meetings and Society conferences. The tape library was begun by Tony Field in 1985 and a set of 385 tapes for the period up to August 2008 are available for loan. Prior notice is required to retrieve the tapes from the Society’s off site store.

A list of the 385 tapes is available, to download.

To conform with copyright laws and undertakings given to speakers, tapes are for individual use and available to UK members only.
No facilities are available to listen to the tapes at the library.