OS Grid Reference: TQ5946
The 1841 population was 12,530

Administrative Units

Tonbridge fell within the Hundred of Tonbridge. Its 19th century Registration District & Poor Law Union was Tonbridge.
Probate Jurisdiction was Rochester to 1845, PCC 1846-57.

Tonbridge was a very large parish which included the settlements of Tunbridge Wells, Southborough and Hildenborough. These were not given separate parochial status until 1833, 1847 and 1844 respectively.

Churches and Chapels (pre-1910)

Church of England

  1. St Peter & St Paul (Ancient Parish church) 
  2. St Stephen: Quarry Hill Rd.  Church built 1851-4; parish created 1853 from Tonbridge Sts Peter & Paul.   Original registers from 1852.
  3. St Saviour: Dry Hill Park.  Church built 1876 as chapel-of-ease to Tonbridge.   Original registers from 1876.
  4. Hildenborough, St John the Evangelist London Rd.
  5. Southborough, St Peter Church Rd.
  6. Southborough, St Thomas Pennington Rd.
  7. Southborough, Christchurch Prospect Rd.
  8. Southborough, St Matthew High Brooms Rd.
  9. Tunbridge Wells, King Charles the Martyr 
  10. Tunbridge Wells, Holy Trinity Church Rd.
  11. Tunbridge Wells, Christ Church High St.
  12. Tunbridge Wells, St John London Rd.
  13. Tunbridge Wells, St James Sandrock Rd.
  14. Tunbridge Wells, St Peter Windmill Fields (Bayhall Rd).
  15. Tunbridge Wells, St Barnabas Stanley Rd.

Roman Catholic

  1. Corpus Christi: Lyons Crescent.  Church built 1904, succeeding iron church of 1894.   Original registers from 1894.
  2. Tunbridge Wells, St Augustine Grosvenor Rd.


  1. Baptist: High St.  (1871). No information on registers
  2. Baptist: Zion, Pembury Rd.  (1867). No information on registers
  3. Baptist: Bethel, Western Rd, Southborough.  (1882). No information on registers
  4. Strict Baptist: Hanover Chapel, Hanover Rd, Tunbridge Wells.  Built 1834.   Original registers from 1831.
  5. Strict Baptist Rehoboth, Chapel Place, Tunbridge Wells.
  6. Baptist: Tabernacle, Calverley Rd, Tunbridge Wells.  Built 1883, succeeded by 1938 church in Upper Grosvenor Rd. No information on registers


  1. Independent:   (1743).   Original registers from 1752.
  2. Independent: Ebenezer, Bradford St.  (1898). No information on registers
  3. Congregational: Mt Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells.  Built 1845-8, succeeding Mt Zion chapel of 1720.   Original registers from 1830.
  4. Independent: Salem, St Johns Rd, Tunbridge Wells.  Built 1866, used by Brethren 1903-34 then sold. No information on registers
  5. Congregational: Cage Green Mission Room, Shipbourne Rd.  (1874-1970 demolished). No information on registers
  6. Congregational: High St.  (1875). No information on registers
  7. Congregational: Bethel, Tutty's village, Tunbridge Wells.  Built 1839, continued in use until 1894. No information on registers
  8. Congregational: Albion Rd, Tunbridge Wells.  Built 1873, closed c.1929. No information on registers
  9. Congregational: Forest Rd, Hawkenbury, Tunbridge Wells.  Built 1889. No information on registers


  1. Wesleyan: Swan Lane.  (1829) later East St (1872).   Original registers from 1835.
  2. Wesleyan: High Brooms Rd, Southborough.  (1898). No information on registers
  3. Wesleyan: London Rd, Southborough.  (1871). No information on registers
  4. Methodist: Methodist Circuit.  Original registers from 1838.
  5. Methodist: Priory St.  (1868-1919 closed). No information on registers
  6. Wesleyan Vale Road, Tunbridge Wells.
  7. Primitive Methodist: Down Lane, Tunbridge Wells.  (1874-84 sold). No information on registers
  8. Primitive Methodist: Camden Rd, Tunbridge Wells.  (1878).   Original registers from 1861.
  9. Lady Huntingdon's Connexion Emmanuel, Mt. Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells.


  • Other: Disciples of Christ, Commercial Rd, Tunbridge Wells.  (1877). No information on registers


For project purposes this parish is also covered by Tunbridge Wells FHS.

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