1851 Census on CD-ROM

Between 1988 and 1999 the Society published as booklets a series of name indexes to the 1851 Census for our area of Kent. When these booklets went out of print they were re-published as microfiche. Now the same indexes are being made available on CD-Rom, but this time with linked image pages. They have the same name indexes (full name, age and folio), but they also include all image pages. A bespoke viewer program runs direct from the CD, and once you have found a name of interest you can click on it and go straight to the relevant image. These image pages can be printed or copied to the Windows clipboard.

See the Census Publications page for details on how to order, and Census Indexing Coverage for information on geographical area etc.

This is the publication programme:

Ref Area Entries Status
CD6 Greenwich parish 34,780 Published May 05
CD7 Bromley Registration District 18,637 Published Nov 05
CD8 Dartford Registration District 27,330 Published Jan 06
CD9 Deptford (St Paul & St Nicholas parishes) 31,817 Published Aug 05
CD10 Lewisham Registration District 35,000  
CD11 Sevenoaks Registration District 22,022 Published May 07
CD12 Woolwich parish 32,000

System requirements are: Windows 95 or later, 16Mb memory, screen 800x600, 16-bit colour.

Greenwich CD
Greenwich CD