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Constitution No.11

A review was undertaken during 2018 and 2019 by a sub-committee under the chairmanship of President David Cufley, looking at both the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Societies new Web site. The revised version was approved at the Society AGM in April 2019. The text of David Cufley's report to the AGM follows below.

Summarised Report by the Constitution Subcommittee to the AGM, by its Chairman, David Cufley the Society President.

Proposed Constitution edition 11 (2019)

Proposed revisions to the Constitution to be considered and voted upon by the members of the Society at the AGM to be held in April 2019.

The reason for these changes are to regularise the constitution with the Society’s new web site and its members only area (MOA). The old web site mentioned a fourth class of membership, which was not mentioned in the constitution.

Existing constitution edition 10 (2007)Proposed constitution edition 11 (2019)Remarks
3.1 …shall be three types …3.1 … shall be four types …Reflects the additional membership type in 3.1.4 Ordinary3.1.1.1 IndividualChange of name for the standard membership
New clause 3.1.4 Association or Library membership.  Association or Library  membership  for Organisations and Societies that have similar aims and objectives who are interested in furthering the aspects of Family History in the pursuit of their  historical interests.  This class of membership does not confer voting rights or access to the member’s only area of the Society Web site.This membership class was mentioned on the old web site. Now the web site has been upgraded with a MOA (Members only area) this clause is needed to explain the rights of membership for Association and Library members.
New Clause  4.3 The Society Committee shall have the power to appAoint honorary members and will record such in their minutes. This appointment will be announced at an AGM. The appointment as honorary member will waive the annual subscription although they will still have the full rights of individual membership.This membership class was mentioned in the old constitution. This clause is needed to explain the rights of membership for Honorary members
7.4 … open to all members …7.4 open to all Individual, Family or Honorary members of the SocietyAs Association and Library members have restricted access to meetings. 7.4.1 is needed to differentiate the difference to other members.
New clause 7.4.1 Association or Library members can attend the meetings of the Society by a representative of that organisation. If the representative or other member(s) of that organisation attend more than three meetings in any year they will be expected to join the Society as ‘Individual’ members.The rights of access to meetings for Association and Library members. … meeting. …meeting except as noted in section 3.1.4.Refers to the changes in section 3.
8.2.4 … meeting.8.2.4 …meeting except as noted in section 3.1.4.Refers to the changes in section 3.
8.3.1 … meeting.8.3.1 …meeting except as noted in section 3.1.4.Refers to the changes in section 3.

The meeting voted and passed these changes.

David Cufley thanked the subcommittee that had reviewed the constitution, which had been formed with himself as Chair, Tony Codling – Society Chair, Mike Weeks – Society Vice Chair, Joyce Hoad and Walter Eves, both Society Vice Presidents.
The Society forwarded the approved amended constitution to the Charity Commission who approved them in their emails of August 2019.
The Constitution membership changes come into effect for the new subscription year starting 1st January 2020.

The Society Library & Resource Centre is located at;

80 Summerhouse Drive, Joydens Wood Estate, Bexley, DA5 2EE.