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1851 Census for North West Kent

The seven volume of the series of indexes to the 1851 census of North West Kent were produced between 1988 and 1999 under the leadership of Stephen Archer and Maureen Fearn the Project Coordinators.

The projects’ production would not have been possible without the help of a considerable number of volunteers, and the coordinators in the publications recorded their thanks which we have combined for this web page version:-

The initial project coordinators were Pat Pingram and Ken Wickham in its early years with Guy Nevill who as Projects Organizer was instrumental in setting up the Society’s 1851 Census Project in 1980-81.

Guy Nevill who as Projects Organiser was instrumental in obtaining census films on loan from the Public Record Office. These records now at Kew at The National Archives (TNA).

To all the transcribers and checkers who have helped with the volumes, Bromley R.D, Woolwich census was produced in co-operation with Woolwich & District F.H.S, Deptford St. Paul and St. Nicholas, Lewisham R.D, Dartford R.D, Sevenoaks R. D. and Greenwich R.D.

Basil & Jean Benwell, Denis Bowyers, T. J. Broad, Diana Dilley, Peter Eyers, Joan Field, Christine Lodge, Doreen Martin-Loat, Rose Medley, Mary Mullett, John Nightingale, Marjorie Payton, Hazel Starling, Jean Stirk, Fred 'Tutt, Fred & Priscilla Vernau, Ian Werrey-Easterbrook, Malcom Youngs, Bill & Faith Keymer, Veronica Luke, Edna Reynolds, Barbara Robinson, Bob Crouch, Helen Norris, Norman Sears, Len Waghorn Josephine Birchenough, Joan Field, Ruth Cheeseman, Bob Crouch, Sylvia Davies, Brenda Jarrett, Neil Langridge, Veronica Luke, Rose Medley, Malcolm Scott, Norman Sears, Sheila Severn. Rose Medley, Olive Morton, Sheila Severn, Mary Thompson. Brian Evans, Dorothy Gladwyn, Brian Waymont, May Waymont

Jim Packer and Colin Willeard for loaning their transcripts of East Wickham and Erith respectively; also to Jim Packer for checking the Erith transcript against the 1841 census and the parish registers; to Susan Pittman for various corrections to the Crockenhill and Lullingstone transcripts; and to Linda Meaden, for various amendments supplied by users of the Society 's Census Search Service. To Victor Bowden, for loaning the transcript of Kemsing made some thirty years ago by the late Arthur Bailey.

To members of the Society’s Computer Group for their work in entering the data into computer files:

Sabina Doust, Win Grimmette, Paul Homer, Stuart Valentine, Sandy Williams, Barbara Zissell; Ronald & Jackie Dixon, Judith Gilbert, Win Grimmette, Paul Homer, Mike Rowlerson, Malcolm Scott, Peter Searle, Norma Smith, Paul Homer, David Warren, Peter Etherington, John Everist, Audrey Rainer, Ron Anthony, Mike Ganly, Noel Livermore and Viv Ross, for their help in converting BBC files to IBM format ready for merging and printing.

To Malcom Youngs, Josephine Birchenough, John Nightingale, Eileen Paine Matthew Copus, Brian Evans, Joan Field and Jean Stirk for helping with the job of final checking against the enumerators’ books.

The staff of ‘Woodlands’ (Greenwich Local History Centre) for their help in particular to Julian Watson for reading the introductory sections and making a number of helpful comments. The staff of the Manor House (Lewisham Local History Centre) and John Cotter for reading the introductory sections and making a number of corrections and helpful suggestions. Chris Baker and Peter Boreham of Dartford Borough Museum for reading and correcting the introductory sections. Geoffrey Copus, Dr Susan Pittman and Josephine Birchenough for helping to draft some of the historical notes.

Finally, to Jean Stirk then Joan Field the chairs of the Society publications sub-committee during the project, and to members of the Society Committee for their support.

The data for this census index was transcribed on to standard forms, and then typed into microcomputer files. Indexing and printing was done using dBase 111 Plus, a standard MS-DOS database package. The index was printed from computer files using a laser printer for the final output.

Please note that these volumes should be treated only as a finding aids, and reference should be made to copies of the original returns for the full details of each individual. Also, there are liable to be mistakes because of the poor handwriting of the original enumerators as well as in some cases, faint or damaged microfilm copies. Therefore, although we have endeavoured to be scrupulous in our checking, the Society cannot take responsibility for any errors herein.

Stephen Archer, 1851 Census Project Coordinator June 1988 to May 1996 and Maureen Wilkins nee Fearn, 1851 Census Project Coordinator July 1999.

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Bromley Registration District

Piece number H.O. 107/1606

Dartford Registration District

Piece number H.O. 107/1607

Deptford St Paul & St Nicholas Parishes

Piece number H.O. 107/1584-85

Greenwich Registration District

Piece number H.O. 107/1586-87

Lewisham Registration District

Piece number H.O. 107/1590-91

North Aylesford Registration District (Northfleet Sub-District)

Piece number H.O. 107/1609

Malling Registration District (Wrotham Sub-District)

Piece number H.O. 107/1612

Sevenoaks Registration District

Piece number H.O. 107/1613

Woolwich Registration District

Piece number H.O. 107/1588-89