If you are a NWKFHS member, please login, if not, please join today.

If you are a NWKFHS member, please login, if not, please join today.

North West Kent Family History Society Privacy Notice

  1. The Society ‘North West Kent Family History Society’ is a not-for-profit body for the education in family history and Genealogical study and research. It is a registered charity No. 282627.

  2. The personal Data collected by the Society is the names and details of its members, which are required to communicate with them to provide the services that, are the benefits of joining and being members of the Society. The data is also used to manage their membership payments.

  3. The full membership data is not shared with any other organisation.

  4. The members name and postal address is shared with the quarterly Journal printer to enable the Journal to be sent to the member.

  5. Where a member has separately consented to gift aided donation (GAD) then the subscription details and donation is shared with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to apply for the recovery of the donation tax.

  6. The Society holds the following information as part of the membership list:-


    Other contact details: Other contact details provided by the member and may include telephone numbers and email address.

    Membership number: 
    Membership payment details: Noting if paid by cheque, postal order, cash, standing order or via PayPal. 
    GAD: Consent for GAD to be applied to the membership donation. 
    Family membership: Where a member is a family member their details are cross-referenced to their other family member. 
    Date of joining: The date the member initially joined the Society. 
    Area: The branch area closest to the members address. 
    Where heard: The place the new member heard of NWKFHS. This information is optional and is not included for all members. 
    Notes: A memo field for notes of specific details given by the member that affects either communication details or their membership payment. 




     These are 'Yes' / 'No' fields to allow for management consent given by members under the GDPR process.
  7. The personal data is used to communicate with the member and send out the quarterly Journal. The membership information in reduced form is used at society events to note attendance of members when checked for the fire and emergency procedures of the venue. The membership information in reduced form is used by the web-master to provide access to the Members Only Area (MOA) of the Society website.

  8. A legitimate interest assessment has been carried out by the society as part of its procedural document. This is available on request to the Secretary of the Society, NWKFHS c/o KCC Library, 80 Summerhouse Drive, Joydens Wood, Bexley, Kent DA5 2EE.

  9. The consent to the collection of the member’s details is part of the membership application form and the annual renewal form.

    Consent for GAD is part of the GAD application form.

    Consent for communicating workshop details and contacting from or to the workshop leader is part of the workshop application form. These details will be kept for 6 years.

    Consent for providing email information services is part of the application/subscribe form or web site link to this service. The service is authored by NWKFHS but managed by Mailchimp server and software.

    Consent for publishing members details in the Journal as author, society taskholder or ‘help’ requests is obtained for each publication.

    In 2018, all existing members were asked to sign a consent form to provide a record of consent prior to the issue of the revised membership application and renewal forms.

  10. The membership list is held on a secure computer under control of the membership Secretary with a copy issued to the Treasurer and a back-up copy held by the Society Chair, all are password protected.

    The reduced forms of membership details are sent to the Journal printer, branch secretaries, librarian, event organisers and web-master in digital form that is password protected or in paper form as set out in the procedural document appendix 2 (available on request).

  11. The membership list is not shared or used for direct marketing.

  12. The Society publishes documents and historic data for sale to members and non-members (customers). Postal requests are shredded after the financial year. Electronic copies of e-shop purchases are retained for 6 years after the current financial year. These electronic copies contain name, address, telephone and email addresses of the customers, They do not contain any bank or credit card details.

  13. DNA details are not collected.

  14. Members can apply to the Membership Secretary to have all or part of their details deleted. The consequence of this will be that all or some of the services may not be available from the Society.

  15. Members have the right to access their own personal details by applying to the Membership Sercretary, NWKFHS c/o KCC Library, 80 Summerhouse Drive, Joydens Wood, Bexley, Kent DA5 2EE with a SAE using their original postal address.

  16. Members may need to update or change their details to maintain communication with the Society and receive their quarterly Journal. Revised details are to be sent to the Membership Secretary by either post or email.

  17. Membership details are not transferred outside the UK.

  18. Membership details will be retained as long as a person is a member of the Society. Where a member does not renew on or about the 31st December of that year their personal details will be kept for a further 3 months on the current membership list. The previous 3 years membership lists will be kept to manage their payments and prepayments. They will then be deleted and any associated paperwork shredded.

  19. For Honorary members their personal data will be retained until they resign, request to be forgotten or are deceased.

  20. For GAD detail schedule data will be retained for 6 years as requested by HMRC.


NWKFHS Registered Charity No. 282627                                                                                                                                                19 September 2018