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The Society publishes a range of CD/DVD Discs based on our project work. These are available for sale via;

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Data Protection & GDPR

Due to GDPR, some discs are only available in person by visiting our Library, these include the last rolling year, as below;

  • Baptisms 100 years
  • Marriages 75 years
  • Burials 25 years

Dates prior to these years may be purchased via our Society Shop

Census Discs

CD161891Bexley Sub District of Dartford Registration District: transcript & alphabetical index (30,000 names)£8.00
CD31891Bromley Registration District - name index & transcript as enumerated (69,000 names)£12.00
CD13 v21801 & 1821Dartford 1801 and 1821 - early census, images of originals & transcript£10.00
CD41891Dartford Registration District (less Bexley) (38,112 names)£10.00
CD21891Lewisham Registration District - name index & transcript as enumerated (94,000 names)£12.00
CD15 v21841-1911Plaxtol (Part of Wrotham Parish) - transcript & surname index Census 1841-1911£10.00
CD931891Tunbridge Wells Census transcript (TW001)£5.00
CD981841,61 & 91Wadhurst Census transcript (TW002)£8.00
CD141891Woolwich Registration District - name index & transcript as enumerated (107,324 names)£15.00

Original Parish, Cemetery & Other Register Facsimiles on Disc

Images of the original registers (some have transcripts)

CD-OR26 Ash: St. Peter & St. Paul  Composite Registers 1560-1737; Baptisms 1737-1996; Marriages 1737-1837; Burials 1837-1973£10.00
CD-OR151 Beckenham: St George and Baptisms 1772-1901, Marriages 1790-1901 & Burials 1772-1884£10.00
As above Beckenham: St Barnabas and Baptisms 1877-1928 & Marriages 1893-1950inc. above
As above Beckenham: St Michael and Baptisms 1877-1894inc. above
As above Beckenham: St Paul Marriages 1873-1913inc. above
CD-OR116 Belvedere: All Saints Baptisms 1861-1950 & Marriages 1862-1900£10.00
CD-OR103 Bexley: St Mary and Registers 1565-1812 & Baptisms 1813-1950£8.00
As above Bexley: St John Baptisms 1882-1938 & Marriages 1892-1933inc. above
CD-OR104 Bexley: St. Mary  Marriages 1755-1956 & Burials 1813-1978£8.00
DVD-OR17 Bexley: St. Mary & St John   DVD version of CD-OR103 & 104£13.00
CD-OR106 Bexleyheath: Christ Church and Baptisms 1844-1917£8.00
As above Welling: St John Baptisms 1869-1942inc. above
CD-OR107 Bexleyheath: Christ Church Baptisms 1917-1959£8.00
CD-OR108 Bexleyheath: Christ Church Marriages 1847-1900 & Burials 1842-1925£8.00
CD-OR109 Bexleyheath: Christ Church Marriages 1900-1956£8.00
DVD-OR18 Bexleyheath: Christ Church DVD version of CDs OR106, 107, 108 & 109£26.00
CD-OR100 Bexleyheath Cemetery Burial Registers & Index 1879-1943£10.00
DVD-OR16 Bexleyheath, Erith & Sidcup Cemeteries Burial Registers & Indexes as described within CD-OR100, DVD-OR21 & CD-OR102£25.00
CD-OR51 Blackheath: All Saints Baptisms 1859-1969 & Marriages 1859-1993£10.00
CD-OR150Bromley Poor Law Union: Vaccination Registers Various 1899-1930 (over 5000 names) 1899-1914 Farnborough, 1904-1909 Beckenham, 1922-1927 No.3, 1922-1924 No.1A, 1929-1930 Southern£10.00
CD-OR152 Bromley: St Peter & St Paul Baptisms 1772-1949 & Burials 1678-1941£8.00
CD-OR153 Bromley: St Peter & St Paul Marriages 1735-1915 & Banns 1754-1812 & 1838-1902£8.00
DVD-OR34 Bromley: St Peter & St Paul DVD of CD-OR152 & 153£13.00
CD-OR154 Bromley Common Holy Trinity Baptisms 1843-1907, Marriages 1843-1897 & Burials 1844-1932£10.00
CD-OR52 Catford: St. Andrew  Baptisms 1900-1990 & Marriages1905-1991£10.00
CD-OR53 Catford: Perry Hill: St. George  Baptisms 1871-1945 & Marriages1880-1990£10.00
CD-OR80 Charlton: St. Luke  Composite & other registers 1653-1812£8.00
CD-OR81 Charlton: St. Luke  Baptisms 1813-81£8.00
CD-OR82 Charlton: St. Luke  Marriages 1813-41£8.00
CD-OR83 Charlton: St. Luke  Marriages 1841-53£8.00
CD-OR84 Charlton: St. Luke  Marriages 1853-68£8.00
CD-OR85 Charlton: St. Luke  Marriages 1868-1913£8.00
CD-OR86 Charlton: St. Luke plus Charlton Cemetery Grants St Luke: Burials 1850-1963 & Charlton Cemetery Grants: Covering 1923-26£8.00
DVD-OR22 Charlton: St. Luke DVD version of CDs CD-OR80 to 86 incl. £30.00
CD-OR161 Chelsfield: St Martin Registers 1559-1812 & Burials 1813-1966£8.00
CD-OR162 Chelsfield: St Martin Baptisms 1813-1915, Marriages 1813-1940 & Banns 1824-1908£8.00
CD-OR163 Chelsfield: St Martin Registers 1559-1812, Baptisms 1813-1915, Marriages 1813-1940, Banns 1824-1908 &    Burials 1813-1966£13.00
CD-OR155 Chislehurst: St Nicholas  Composite 1558-1815, Baptisms 1813-1886, Marriages & Banns 1754-1928, Marriages & Banns 1802-1812, Banns 1824-1908 & Burials 1813-1966£10.00
CD-OR156 Chislehurst: The Annunciation  Baptisms 1870-1901, Marriages 1876-1920 + Banns 1875-1899, Burials 1871-1907£10.00
CD-OR110 Crayford: St. Paulinus  Composite Registers 1538-1812 & Baptisms/Marriages 1757-1868£8.00
CD-OR111 Crayford: St. Paulinus  Baptisms 1867-1982£8.00
CD-OR112 Crayford: St. Paulinus  Marriages 1813-1922£8.00
CD-OR113 Crayford: St. Paulinus  Marriages 1922-1955£8.00
CD-OR114 Crayford: St. Paulinus  Burials 1813-1985£8.00
DVD-OR19 Crayford: St. Paulinus  DVD version of CDs OR-110 to 114 incl. 1538-1985£30.00
CD-OR160 Crayford Methodist  Baptisms 1896-2004 & Marriages 1934-2004. Farningham Baptisms 1856-64 & 1884-92 and Dartford Baptisms 1837-1979£10.00
CD-OR19 Crockenhill: All Souls  Baptisms 1852-1940; Marriages 1853-1954 & Burials 1852-1964 £10.00 
CD-OR165 Crockenhill: Everest Funeral Registers  Four Registers covering 1846-1924 transcribed with over 1200 entries plus surname Index, copies of original images & explanatory introduction.£13.00
DVD-OR35 CWG & CWGPP Dartford Area 1WW & 2WW Over 900 images of individual service personnel headstones plus those commemorated on family graves, some of graveyards, and a detailed listing of those either buried or commemorated (supplements CWG website in some instances) - gives name, age, military details and where either buried or commemorated£10.00 
DVD-OR36 CWG & CWGPP Sevenoaks Area 1WW & 2WW Almost 800 images of individual service personnel headstones plus those commemorated on family graves, some of graveyards, and a detailed listing of those either buried or commemorated (supplements CWG website in some instances) - gives name, age, military details and where either buried or commemorated£10.00
DVD-OR37 CWG & CWGPP Bromley Area (two discs) 1WW & 2WW Over 1700 images of individual service personnel headstones plus those commemorated on family graves, some of graveyards, and a detailed listing of those either buried or commemorated (supplements CWG website in some instances) - gives name, age, military details and where either buried or commemorated£15.00
CD-OR10 v2 Darenth: St. Margaret  Registers 1678-1812 & Baptisms 1813-1996 (includes St Luke's, Green St Green Baptisms 1906-1959)£8.00
CD-OR11 Darenth: St. Margaret  Marriages 1813-1954 & Burials 1813-1992£8.00
DVD OR3 v2 Darenth: St. Margaret   DVD version of CD-OR10 & 11 incl. 1678-1996£13.00
CD-OR20 Dartford: Christchurch  Baptisms 1910-65 & Marriages 1910-54£10.00
CD-OR1 Dartford: Holy Trinity  Registers c1561-1812£8.00
CD-OR2 Dartford: Holy Trinity  Baptisms 1813-1983£8.00
CD-OR3  v2 Dartford: Holy Trinity  Marriages 1813-1984£8.00
CD-OR4 Dartford: Holy Trinity  Burials 1813-1926£8.00
DVD-OR1 v2 Dartford: Holy Trinity  DVD version of CD-OR1 to 4 incl. 1561-1984£26.00
CD-OR21 Dartford: St. Alban  Baptisms 1903-58£8.00
CD-OR22 Dartford: St. Alban  Marriages 1903-54£8.00
CD-OR23 Dartford: St. Alban  Burials 1903-10 & 1923-37 & Baptisms 1958-82£8.00
DVD-OR7 Dartford: St. Alban  DVD version of CD-OR21 to 23 incl.£20.00
CD-OR24 Dartford: St. Edmund  Baptisms 1956-91£10.00
DVD-OR14 Dartford: East Hill & Watling Street Cemeteries  Burial registers/indexes 1856-2006 (DVD)£13.00
CD-OR71 Dartford: Stone Cemetery Burial Registers & Indexes 1899-2006£10.00
CD-OR72 Dartford: Swanscombe Cemetery  Burial Registers & Indexes 1895-2006£10.00
DVD-OR15 Dartford Cemeteries: East Hill, Watling Street, Stone & Swanscombe  Burial Registers & Indexes 1856-2006 (Combined DVD version)£25.00
CD-OR160 Dartford Methodist Baptisms 1837-1979, Crayford Baptisms 1896-2004 & Marriages 1934-2004, Farningham Baptisms 1856-64 & 1884-92£10.00
CD-OR49 Dartford Villages: Misc Parish Chest Records in the Archdeaconry of Rochester  Parishes covered - Darenth, Dartford, Horton Kirby, Longfield, Meopham, Southfleet & Swanscombe£10.00
CD-OR120 Deptford: St Nicholas   Registers 1563-1812£8.00
CD-OR121 Deptford: St Nicholas  Baptisms 1813-1930, Burials 1813-1873£8.00
CD-OR122 Deptford: St Nicholas   Marriages 1754-1860£8.00
CD-OR123 Deptford: St Nicholas   Marriages 1860-1933£8.00
DVD-OR28 Deptford: St Nicholas All 1563-1933 DVD of CD-OR120 to 123£26.00
CD-OR124 Deptford: St Paul  Registers 1730-1788, Baptisms 1788-1870£8.00
CD-OR125 Deptford: St Paul   Baptisms 1871-1949£8.00
CD-OR126 Deptford: St Paul   Marriages 1754-1858£8.00
CD-OR127 Deptford: St Paul   Marriages 1859-1966£8.00
DVD-OR29 Deptford: St Paul   DVD of CD-OR124-127 incl. 1730-1966£26.00
CD-OR118 East Wickham: St. Michael  Composite 1730-1812. Baptisms 1813-1930; Marriage & Banns 1754-1783; Marriages 1813-1912 & Burials 1803-1996£10.00
CD-OR115 Erith: Christchurch and Baptisms 1871-1919 & Marriages 1875-1908 £10.00
As above Erith: St John and Baptisms 1901-1949, Marriages 1888-1946 & Burials 1886-1967inc. above
As above Erith: Wesleyan Baptisms 1889-1969inc. above
DVD-OR21 Erith Cemetery  Burial Registers 1894-1962 (DVD version)£13.00
CD-OR165 Everest Funeral Registers   See under Crockenhill
CD-OR64 Eynsford: St Martin & Lullingstone: St Botolph St. Martin Registers 1538-1760 and Lullingstone: St. Botolph Registers Composite 1578-2005 - full details under 'L'£8.00
CD-OR65 Eynsford: St. Martin  Registers 1754-1812; Marriages & Banns 1754-1812; Baptisms & Burials 1761-1812£8.00
CD-OR66 v2 Eynsford: St. Martin  Registers 1813-1977; Banns 1823-1921 & 1920-1970; Baptisms 1813-1966; Burials 1813-1977; Marriages 1813-1944£8.00
DVD-OR13 v2 Eynsford: St. Martin  DVD version of CD-OR64-66 1538-2005£20.00
CD-OR157 Farnborough: St Giles the Abbott   Composite 1558-1753, Baptisms 1813-1908, Marriages 1801-1901, Burials 1801-1906£10.00
CD-OR62 Farningham: St. Peter & St. Paul  Registers & transcript 1589-1812; Baptisms 1813-1994£8.00
CD-OR63 Farningham: St. Peter & St. Paul  Registers & transcript, Marriages 1813-1992 & Burials 1813-1992£8.00
DVD-OR12 Farningham: St. Peter & St. Paul  DVD version of CD-OR62 & 63 incl. 1589-1994£13.00
CD-OR160 Farningham Methodist  Baptisms 1856-1864 & 1884-1892, Dartford Baptisms 1837-1979, Crayford Baptisms 1896-2004 & Marriages 1934-2004£10.00
CD-OR27 Fawkham: St. Mary  Composite Registers 1568-1812; Baptisms 1813-1983, Marriages 1813-1954, Burials 1814-1980£10.00
DVD-OR25 Gravesend Cemetery Burial Registers 1839-1885 & indexes 1850-1901 (with plans)£15.00
DVD-OR26 Gravesend Cemetery  Burial Registers 1885-1919 & indexes 1878-1927 (with plans)£15.00
DVD-OR27 Gravesend Cemetery  Burial Registers 1920-2008 & indexes 1902-1983 (with plans)£15.00
DVD-OR25/27 Gravesend Cemetery  Burial Registers above, set of 3 DVDs£40.00
DVD-OR25/27 + DVD-OR8 The above plus Northfleet Cemetery  Set of 4 DVDs£50.00
CD-OR10 v2 Green Street Green: St Luke Baptisms 1906-1959 Part of Darenth St Margaret disc.£8.00
CD-OR43 Greenhithe: St Mary  Baptisms 1857-1967, Burials 1925-1946, Marriages 1858-1954£10.00
CD-OR87 Greenwich: Our Lady Star of the Sea (RC)  Composite Registers 1793-1831 in Latin in plain paper book. Baptisms 1793-1830 (includes birth & baptism dates & Godparents names); Marriages 1800-1804, 1807 & 1823-1831£8.00
CD-OR88 Greenwich: Our Lady Star of the Sea (RC)  Composite Registers 1804-56 in Latin in plain paper book. Baptisms 1804-1813 & 1830-1832 (Includes birth & baptism dates & Godparents names); Marriages 1831-1850 & 1852-1856£8.00
CD-OR89 Greenwich: Our Lady Star of the Sea (RC) Composite Registers 1832-56 in Latin in plain paper book. Baptisms 1832-1856 (includes birth & baptism dates & Godparents names); (overlap - two registers from 1851 see CD-OR90)£8.00
CD-OR90 Greenwich: Our Lady Star of the Sea (RC)  Baptisms 1851-1886 in Latin in printed book format. (Overlap - two registers from 1851-1856, see CD-OR89)£8.00
CD-OR91 Greenwich: Our Lady Star of the Sea (RC)  Baptisms 1886-1913 in Latin in printed book format. Volume damaged so only to 1911£8.00
DVD-OR23 Greenwich: Our Lady Star of the Sea (RC)  DVD version of CD-OR87-91£30.00
CD-OR128 Greenwich: St Alfege  Registers 1615-1680, Baptisms 1680-1842£8.00
CD-OR129 Greenwich: St Alfege  Baptisms 1842-1975£8.00
CD-OR130 Greenwich: St Alfege  Burials 1678-1838 (Note: 1714-1747 missing from original registers)£8.00
CD-OR131 Greenwich: St Alfege Burials 1838-1914£8.00
CD-OR132 Greenwich: St Alfege  Marriages 1657-1861£8.00
CD-OR133 Greenwich: St Alfege Marriages 1861-1989£8.00
DVD-OR30 Greenwich: St Alfege DVD version of CD-OR129-133 incl.     1615-1989£30.00
CD-OR28 Hartley: All Saints  Composite Registers 1712-1814, Baptisms 1814-1979, Marriages 1813-1954, Burials 1813-2003£10.00
CD-OR12 Horton Kirby: St. Mary Registers 1678-1812 & Baptisms 1813-1990£8.00
CD-OR13 Horton Kirby: St. Mary  Marriages 1813-1954 & Burials 1813-2000£8.00
DVD-OR4 Horton Kirby: St. Mary  DVD version of CD-OR12-13 incl.         1678-2000£13.00
CD-OR29 Ifield: St. Margaret  Composite Registers 1751-1812, Baptisms 1813-1979, Marriages 1813-1954, Burials 1814-1981£10.00
CD-OR158 Keston: Composite 1540-1868, Baptisms 1813-1946, Marriages 1754-1810 & 1818-1955, Burials 1813-1943£10.00
CD-OR54 Lee: The Good Shepherd  Baptisms 1891-1963 & Marriages 1890-1987£10.00
CD-OR145 Lewisham: St Mary  Composite Registers 1703-1781 & 1812-1828£8.00
CD-OR146 Lewisham: St Mary  Baptisms 1782-1920 (less 1813-21)£8.00
CD-OR147 Lewisham: St Mary  Burials 1782-1911£8.00
CD-OR148 Lewisham: St Mary  Marriages 1750-1921£8.00
DVD-OR33 Lewisham: St Mary  DVD version of CD-OR145-148 incl.     1703-1921£26.00
CD-OR30 Longfield: St. Mary Magdalene  Baptisms1558-1969, Marriages 1558-1956 (1753-1756 missing), Burials 1558-1972£10.00
CD-OR64 Lullingstone: St. Botolph and Eynsford St. MartinLullingstone: St. Botolph Registers Composite 1578-1760, Baptisms 1813-2003,  Marriages & Banns 1756-1812, Marriages 1830-2003 & Burials 1822-2005. Eynsford St Martin: Registers 1813-1977£8.00
CD-OR5 Meopham: St. John the Baptist  Composite Registers c1575-1743, Baptisms 1728-1869, Marriages 1747-1928, Burials 1743-1906£10.00
CD-OR117 North Cray: St. James  Composite Registers 1538-1783, Baptisms 1783-1916, Marriages 1784-1955, Burials 1783-1918£10.00
CD-OR31 Northfleet, Perry Street: All Saints  Baptisms 1871-1977£8.00
CD-OR32 Northfleet, Perry Street: All Saints   Marriages 1871-1954 & Burials 1940-1964£8.00
DVD-OR8 Northfleet, Perry Street: All Saints  DVD version of CD-OR31-32 incl.         1871-1977£13.00
CD-OR33 Northfleet, Rosherville: St. Mark  Baptisms 1853-1963 & Marriages 1853-1954£10.00
CD-OR6 Northfleet: St. Botolph  Registers c1539-1812£8.00
CD-OR7 Northfleet: St. Botolph  Baptisms 1813-1948£8.00
CD-OR8 Northfleet: St. Botolph  Marriages 1813-1949 (2 CDs)£13.00
CD-OR9 Northfleet: St. Botolph  Burials 1813-1950£8.00
DVD-OR2 Northfleet: St. Botolph DVD version of CD-OR6-9 incl. 1539-1950£30.00
DVD-OR24 Northfleet Cemetery Burial Registers 1893-1949 & index 1893-1983£15.00
CD-OR34 Nurstead: St. Mildred  Composite Registers 1561-1812, Baptisms 1813-1997, Marriages 1815-1954 (some gaps), Burials 1813-1996£10.00
CD-OR159 Penge: St John   Baptisms 1850-1906 & Marriages 1851-1906£10.00
CD-OR134 Plumstead: St Mark & Plumstead: St Paul St Mark: Baptisms 1897-1966, Marriages 1903-1913 St Paul: Baptisms 1901-1966, Marriages 1902-1967£10.00
CD-OR135 Plumstead: St Nicholas  Registers 1634-1803, Baptisms 1802-1861, Burials 1800-1859£8.00
CD-OR136 Plumstead: St Nicholas   Marriages 1803-1859£8.00
CD-OR137 Plumstead: St Nicholas   Marriages 1859-61 & 1864-98£8.00
DVD-OR31 Plumstead: St Nicholas    DVD version of CD-OR134-137 incl.     1634-1898£20.00
CD-OR35 Ridley: St. Peter  Composite Registers 1626-1812, Baptisms 1815-1930, Marriages1815-1829, Burials 1814-1962£10.00
CD-OR105 Sidcup: Lamorbey Holy Trinity, Christ Church Registers and St. John Registers  Lamorbey, Holy Trinity Registers Baptisms 1840-1940, Marriages 1878-1949; Christ Church Baptisms 1879-1901 St. John Registers Baptisms 1844-1911, Marriages 1845-1901, Burials 1844-1927£13.00
CD-OR102  Sidcup Cemetery  Burial Registers 1912-1962£10.00
CD-OR36 Southfleet: St. Nicholas  Registers 1626-1812; Marriages 1813-1932£8.00
CD-OR37 Southfleet: St. Nicholas  Baptisms & Burials 1812-1920£8.00
DVD-OR9 Southfleet: St. Nicholas  DVD version of CD-OR36-37 incl.         1626-1932£13.00
CD-OR164 Speldhurst: St Mary the Virgin Baptisms 1700-1874, Marriages & Banns 1700-1842, Confirmations 1716-1733 images & transcript£15.00
CD-OR14 Stone: St. Mary the Virgin  Registers 1718-1812 & Burials 1813-1963£8.00
CD-OR15 Stone: St. Mary the Virgin  Baptisms 1813-1995£8.00
CD-OR16 Stone: St. Mary the Virgin Marriages 1813-1954£8.00
DVD-OR5 Stone: St. Mary the Virgin  DVD version of CD-OR14-16 incl.         1718-1995£20.00
 Stone Cemetery  See Dartford
CD-OR17 Sutton at Hone: St. John  Registers 1607-1812 & Baptisms 1813-1979£8.00
CD-OR18 Sutton at Hone: St. John  Marriages 1813-1954 & Burials 1813-1962£8.00
DVD-OR6 Sutton at Hone: St. John  DVD version of CD-OR17-18 incl.         1607-1962£13.00
CD-OR25 Swanley: St. Mary  Baptisms 1902-25 & 1946-83; Marriages 1902-54£10.00
CD-OR48 Swanley: St. Paul  Baptisms 1862-1969; Marriages 1862-1954£10.00
CD-OR42 Swanscombe, Galley Hill: All Saints  Baptisms 1885-1970; Marriages 1885-1954£10.00
CD-OR38 Swanscombe: St. Peter & St. Paul  Registers 1559-1812£8.00
CD-OR39 Swanscombe: St. Peter & St. Paul  Baptisms 1813-1966£8.00
CD-OR40A Swanscombe: St. Peter & St. Paul  Marriages 1813-1901£8.00
CD-OR40B Swanscombe: St. Peter & St. Paul  Marriages 1901-1954£8.00
CD-OR41 Swanscombe: St. Peter & St. Paul  Burials 1813-1967£8.00
DVD-OR10 Swanscombe: St. Peter & St. Paul   DVD version of CD-OR38-41 incl.         1559-1967£30.00
 Swanscombe Cemetery  See Dartford
CD-OR55 Sydenham: St. Bartholomew  Baptisms 1899-1951 & Marriages 1899-1924£10.00
CD-OR106 Welling: St John and Baptisms 1869-1942£8.00
As above Bexleyheath: Christ Church Baptisms 1844-1917Inc. above
CD-OR44 Wilmington: St. Michael & All Angels  Registers c1683-1812£8.00
CD-OR45 Wilmington: St. Michael & All Angels  Baptisms 1813-1958£8.00
CD-OR46 Wilmington: St. Michael & All Angels  Marriages 1813-1954£8.00
CD-OR47 Wilmington: St. Michael & All Angels  Burials 1813-1996£8.00
DVD-OR11 Wilmington: St. Michael & All Angels  DVD version of CD-OR44-47 incl.         1683-1996£26.00
CD-OR138 Woolwich: St Mary Magdalene  Registers 1670-1799£8.00
CD-OR139 Woolwich: St Mary Magdalene  Baptisms 1800-1857£8.00
CD-OR140 Woolwich: St Mary Magdalene  Baptisms 1857-1905£8.00
CD-OR141 Woolwich  Various Baptism records -see below£8.00
As above Woolwich: St Mary Magdelene Baptisms 1905-1988inc. above
As above Woolwich: Garrison Presbyterian Church Baptisms 1905-1995inc. above
As above Woolwich: Holy Trinity Baptisms 1932-1959inc. above
As above Woolwich: British Hospital for Mothers & Babies Gooding Ward Baptisms 1963-1980inc. above
As above Woolwich: Royal Arsenal Chapel Baptisms 1873-1922 & Baptisms 1886-1922 (two registers running together)inc. above
CD-OR142 Woolwich: St Mary Magdelene Burials 1680-1694 & 1800-1889£8.00
CD-OR143 Woolwich: St Mary Magdelene Marriages 1754-1864£8.00
CD-OR144 Woolwich: St Mary Magdelene Marriages 1864-1964£8.00
DVD-OR32 Woolwich: St Mary Magdelene DVD of CD-OR138-144 incl. 1670-1988£30.00

Parish Register Indexes & Miscellaneous Discs

Transcribed searchable data from the corresponding original record

CD115Ash: St Peter & St PaulBaptisms 1736-1812 (over 900 entries) includes place of marriage of parents & mother's maiden name plus alphabetical index£5.00
CD107Ash: St Peter & St PaulBaptisms 1813-1918 (1500 entries) includes marriage details of parents & mother's maiden name + index£5.00
CD99Ashurst: St MartinTranscript of Burials 1692-1812 + extracts 1852-1927; marriages 1692-1851, MIs & Misc Church records (TW004)£5.00
CD57Beckenham: St GeorgeFull transcript of Burials with index 1813-64£5.00
CD55Bessels Green Baptist Church &Monumental Inscriptions and photos.£8.00
As aboveBessels Green Unitarian Church &Transcript of Baptisms & Burials 1714-85, Baptisms 1682-1811, Marriages 1840-53 & Burials 1738-1861 (two registers running at the same time), List of Members plus Monumental Inscriptions & photographs.inc. above 
As aboveWesterham - French Street Private Burial Ground Monumental Inscriptions with photos & list of burials 17th -21st century.inc. above 
CD49 v2Bexley Asylum Minute Books 1901-1939:  Index of some 12,000 names of patients, staff and contractors.£8.00
CD62Bexleyheath Cemetery Burials 1879-1943Index of almost 9,000 burials giving name, description of person buried, age, place of death, date of burial and grave number.£8.00
CD78Bexley: St Mary BaptismsTranscript and index of Baptisms 1722-1835 (4880 events)£5.00
CD79Bexley: St Mary BurialsTranscript and index of Burials 1722-1847 (4750 events)£5.00
CD80Bexley: St Mary MarriagesTranscript and index of Marriages 1722-1837 (825 events)£5.00
CD81Bexley: St Mary MarriagesCD containing all the 3 above£13.00
CD-MI 1v2Bromley: Misc Monumental Inscriptions & IndexesSee website online shop (EShop) entry listing for detailed description£10.00
DVD-MI 4 v4Bromley, Dartford & Sevenoaks Areas: Misc Monumental Inscriptions & Indexes: See website online shop (EShop) entry listing for detailed description£25.00
CD58Bromley: St Peter & St PaulFull transcript of Burials with index 1813-55£5.00
CD48Bromley: St Peter & St Paul Marriages 1735-1848 transcript & alphabetical index£5.00
CD66Bromley Borough Absent Voters List 1918-19 9,200 entries of men identified away from home on active service; includes service arm and number, rank and description of service.£8.00
CD22Charlton: St LukeBurials 1754-1963 transcript & alphabetical index£10.00
CD30Chelsfield: St Martin of ToursBurials 1813-51 index£5.00
CD77Chelsfield: St Martin of ToursParish Registers 1558-1812 for Baptisms, Marriages & Burials (as originally transcribed by Colyer-Fergusson). Latin entries translated into English, data fully searchable.£8.00
CD59Chislehurst: St NicholasFull transcript of Burials with index 1813-97£5.00
CD101Chislehurst: St NicholasBaptisms 1813-1886 with index (3,200 entries)£8.00
CD114Crayford: St PaulinusBaptisms 1706-1812 (over 3,000 entries) + alphabetical index£8.00
CD32Cudham: St Peter & St PaulBurials  1813-51 index£5.00
CD44Darenth: St MargaretBaptisms 1813-56 transcript£5.00
CD45Darenth: St Margaret Transcript of composite register:  Baptisms 1683-1812, Marriages 1686-1751 & Burials 1686-1812£5.00
CD63 v2Darenth Asylum (Hospital), Dartford, Burials Register      1878-1985Index of over 2,700 entries giving name, date, grave number and age, occasionally other information.  There are some photographs of surviving gravestones, MIs & articles about the asylum. Alphabetical index£8.00
CD103arenth Asylum Chaplains Interment Register 1880-1904 + Smallpox Deaths 1884-1901Index of over 1300 entries giving name, date, grave number, age, where they came from i.e. Hospital Ship etc. & occasionally other information. Alphabetical index£8.00
CD-MI 2 v4Dartford: Misc Monumental Inscriptions & IndexesSee website online shop (EShop) entry listing for detailed description£10.00
CD17 v2Dartford: Holy Trinity Burials 1778-1926 transcript & Index£10.00
CD67Dartford: Joyce Green Hospital CemeteryBurials Transcript: Period 17/02/1902 to 06/01/1962.  1000 entries + map etc£5.00
CD56Dartford Upper Burial Ground (St Edmunds Pleasance)Monumental Inscriptions, photos & history£5.00
CD87Dartford: Stone the Brent SchoolTranscripts of Admission Registers Infants 1898-1917 & Juniors 1894-1917 (over 3,300 entries); Log Book 1894-1912 + index, War Memorial & other misc information. At Society's library Infants Admission 1919-1958, Juniors 1918-1963, Juniors Reading dob 1951-1953 due to Data Protection£13.00
CD100Dartford: St Alban's SchoolLog Books 1893-1915, 1908-1917 etc. At Society's library Admission Registers 1921-1940 & Log Book 1918-1950£10.00
CD1Deptford: St. Paul Burials 1788-1842£8.00
CD88Dictionary of Occupations Published by FACHRS - Family & Community Historical Research Society£10.00
CD33Downe: St Mary the VirginBurials 1813-1851 index£5.00
DVD IN1Edenbridge: Information by Lionel Cole in an easy to follow formatAn Index of People and Places 1200-1851 (includes info on PRs, Census, Wills, Probate etc for each individual/place mentioned)£10.00
CD82Eltham: St John the BaptistTranscript of Baptisms 1813-1840 (1600 entries) + index£5.00
CD105Eltham: St John the BaptistTranscript of Baptisms 1840-1866 (1600 entries) + alphabetical index£5.00
CD106Eltham: St John the BaptistTranscript of Baptisms 1866-1890 (1600 entries) + alphabetical index£5.00
CD108Eltham: St John the BaptistTranscript of Baptisms 1890-1918 (1600 entries) + alphabetical index£5.00
CD110Eltham: St John the BaptistTranscript of Burials 1813-1848 (1600 entries) + alphabetical index£5.00
CD118Eltham: St John the BaptistBurials 1848-1876 (over 1600 entries) + alphabetical index£5.00
CD119Eltham: St John the BaptistBurials 1876-1896 (over 1600 entries) + alphabetical index£5.00
CD120Eltham: St John the BaptistBurials 1896-1913 (over 1600 entries) + alphabetical index£5.00
CD111Erith CemeteryBurials 1884-1937. Index of almost 8,000 burials giving name, description of person buried, age, place of death, date of burial and grave number + alphabetical index£8.00
CD112Erith CemeteryBurials 1937-1962.Index of almost 8,000 burials giving name, description of person buried, age, place of death, date of burial and grave number + alphabetical index£8.00
CD60Farnborough: St Giles the AbbottFull transcript of Burials with index 1813-73 + Transcript & Surname Index of PRs 1538-1652£5.00
CD89Frant: St AlbansTranscripts of Marriages & Baptisms 1544-1881; burials 1543-1881, MIs & Misc church records (TW005)£13.00
CD90Groombridge: St John the EvangelistTranscript of MIs, War Memorials & other Misc Church Records (TW004) £5.00
CD27Gravesend & Milton CemeteryTranscripts of Burial indexes 1839-1901. Contains both transcripts of original chronological Burial indexes & alphabetical versions thereof.  Over 20,000 Burials.£10.00
CD53Gravesend & Milton Cemetery: Transcripts and Burial indexes 1902-1983. Contains both transcripts of original chronological Burial indexes & alphabetical versions thereof.  Over 30,000 Burials.£10.00
CD47Gravesend & Milton Gas Light Company Minute Book 1845 - 3,000 names of contractors, notables and staff etc.£8.00
CD5Greenwich: St. Alfege1615-1636/7 (includes transcript) Facsimilie£6.00
CD43Greenwich: St AlfegeMarriages 1791-1842 transcripts & indexes (over 4,000 records)£8.00
CD39Greenwich: St. Alfege 1813-40 Baptisms, transcript & an alphabetical index (over 15,000 entries including some that were omitted when the registers were filmed many years ago)£8.00
CD65Greenwich: St. AlfegeBurials 1748-1846 Transcripts & Index. Consists of 37,000 entries, some previously unreadable, which have been checked with the original burial registers with the kind permission of the LMA.£10.00
CD90Groombridge: St John the EvangelistTranscript of MIs, War Memorials & other Misc Church Records (TW004)£5.00
CD35Hayes: St Mary the Virgin Burials 1813-51 index£5.00
CD51Horton Kirby: St Mary the Virgin Burials 1813-1955, transcripts & index£5.00
CD54Ightham: St Peter plus Seal & KemsingCensuses 1841-1911, Baptisms 1559-1955, Marriages 1560-1955, Burials 1559-2009 & Misc other records£10.00
CD67Joyce Green Hospital Cemetery DartfordBurials Transcript: Period 17/02/1902 to 06/01/1962.  1000 entries£5.00
CD54Kemsing: St Mary plus Seal & Ightham Kemsing St Mary Baptisms 1561-1920, Marriages 1562-1950, Burials 1562-2009£10.00
CD61KestonFull transcript of Burials with index 1813-90£5.00
CD83Knockholt: St KatherineTranscripts of Baptisms 1813-1889, Marriages 1813-1837 & Burials 1813-1892 (entries 800, 96 & 800 respectively).£5.00
CD20 v2Lee: St Margaret PRsImages, transcripts & index of Registers 1802-1813, Baptisms 1755-1850, Marriages 1754-1821, Banns 1754-1793 & Burials 1802-1850£8.00
CD23Lee: St Margaret Registers 1579-1754: Transcript & index, data originally published 1888£8.00
CD73Lee: St Margaret RegistersBurial Transcript 1755-1850£5.00
CD25Lewisham: St Mary Registers1558-1750: Transcript & index, data originally published 1891£8.00
CD113 v2Lewisham: St MaryBaptisms 1782-1850 (over 10,100 entries) plus alphabetical index£13.00
CD116Lewisham: St MaryBurials 1782-1786, 1790-1829, 1830-1854 (over 8200 entries) plus alphabetical index£13.00
CD71Longfield: St Mary MagdaleneTranscripts of parish registers. Baptisms 1558-1901; Marriages 1558-1840; Burials 1558-1932£8.00
CD76Meopham: St John the BaptistBaptisms 1813-71, Marriages 1747-1928 and Burials 1728-1906.£10.00
CD70Meopham: Mount Zion Baptist Chapel & MIs in burial groundBurials 1834-1990 transcription. Over 800 names.£6.00
CD50Metropolitan Asylum District Board Minutes 1890-1930Index to 38 volumes regarding asylums, hospitals, schools, organisations, some personnel and many other topics across what was Greater London at that time.£8.00
CD74North Cray: St JamesPR transcripts, Baptisms 1783-1879 & Burials 1783-1918£5.00
CD102North Cray: St JamesMarriages 1755-1783 (113 entries) + index£5.00
CD21Northfleet CemeteryBurial index 1893-1983, transcript & alphabetical index 13,000+ entries£10.00
CD68NWKFHS Journals Autumn 1978-December 1998Volume 1 to Volume 8 No 4.  20 years of journals£8.00
CD69NWKFHS Journals March 1999 to December 2013Volume 8 No 5 to Volume 13 No 4.  Journals from 1999 to 2013£8.00
CD37Orpington: All SaintsBurials 1813-1851 index£5.00
CD26 v2Plaxtol: Parish RegistersBaptisms 1648-1931, Marriages 1649-1931, Burials 1648-1931 transcripts£10.00
CD117Plumstead: St NicholasBaptisms 1788-1861 (over 4000 entries) plus alphabetical index£8.00
CD121Plumstead: St NicholasBurials 1788-1859 (5,200 entries) plus alphabetical indexes
CD122Plumstead: St NicholasMarriages 1788-1846 (over 4000 entries) plus alphabetical indexes
CD54Seal: St Peter & St Paul plus Ightham & KemsingCensuses 1841-1911, Baptisms 1561-1964, Marriages 1562-1925, Burials 1561-1924 & misc other records£10.00
CD-MI 3 v4Sevenoaks: Misc Monumental Inscriptions & IndexesSee website online shop (EShop) entry listing for detailed description£10.00
CD84 v2Sidcup CemeteryTranscript of Burial Registers 1912-1962  (6,500 entries) numeric & alphabetical Indexes £8.00
CD75Southfleet: St NicholasParish Register Transcripts Baptisms 1737-1854; Marriages 1730-1834; Burials 1738-1864£5.00
CD91SpeldhurstMemorials to the Fallen 1815-1945 (TW006)£5.00
CD92Speldhurst: St Mary the VirginBurial Transcript 1558-1837, MIs & other Misc Church Records (TW004)£5.00
CD85St Mary Cray Endowment SchoolLog Book 1867-1918; Mixed School Admissions 1884-1910; Infants Admissions 1881-1918; Punishment Book Mixed & Infants 1909-1917 (3,630 entries in all). Further info at Society's Library: Log Book 1919-1977, Punishment book 1920-1940, Infants Admissions 1919-1935 due to Data Protection.£8.00
CD38St Paul's Cray: St PaulinusBurials 1813-51 index£5.00
CD41Stone: St Mary the VirginBurials 1718-1963  Transcripts & Index£8.00
CD42Stone: St Mary the VirginMarriages 1722-1955  Transcripts & Index£8.00
CD52Stone: St Mary the VirginBaptisms 1718-1955 (9759 entries) Transcripts & Index£8.00
CD-MI 5 v2Stone Cemetery Dartford  & Stone St Mary ChurchyardTranscript of monumental inscriptions & alphabetical surname index£5.00
CD86Sutton-at-Hone: St John the BaptistBaptisms 1813-1840 (800 entries) plus Officiating Ministers for the period.£5.00
CD109Sutton-at-Hone/Hextable Methodist ChapelBaptisms 1855-1918 (over 80 entries) + alphabetical index£5.00
CD72Swanscombe: St Peter & St PaulBurial Transcript 1813-1867£5.00
CD104Swanscombe: St Peter & St PaulMarriages 1754-1813-1837 plus indexes for Bride & Groom (over 650 entries)£5.00
CD94Tunbridge Wells: Congregational Church, Mount PleasantParish Registers 1863-1918 & Members of the Church Roll (TW003)£8.00
CD95Tunbridge Wells: King Charles the MartyrScanned transcript of Baptisms 1813-1860 & Marriages 1889-1920 (TW0001fiche)£5.00
CD96Tunbridge Wells: St John'sTranscript of Baptisms 1858-1926 & Marriages 1859-1932 (TW007)£13.00
CD97Tunbridge Wells: St Peter'sTranscript of Baptisms 1875-1931 & Marriages 1876-1952 (TW008)£13.00
CD55Westerham - French Street Private Burial Ground & Monumental Inscriptions with photos & list of burials 17th -21st century.£8.00
As above Bessels Green Baptist Church &Monumental Inscriptions and photos.inc. above 
As aboveBessels Green Unitarian Church Transcript of Baptisms & Burials 1714-1785, Baptisms 1682-1811, Marriages 1840-1853 & Burials 1738-1861 (two registers running at the same time). List of Members plus Monumental Inscriptions & photographs.inc. above 
CD64 v3Westerham: Transcripts of the Registers of St Mary's Church                                                    Baptisms c1559-c1917; Marriages 1559-1942; Burials c1562-c1968 Additional entries now included.  Note: Baptisms 1918-1940 available at Society's library due to Data Protection.£13.00
CD24West Kent Sources & School Records LocationA Guide to Family and Local History Research and Schools in the Diocese of Rochester - pdf digital version of our book publications no longer in print.£8.00
CD19Woolwich: Royal Arsenal & Dockyard ChapelImages, transcripts & Index of Baptisms 1873-1922£8.00