Surnames being Researched

This page give details of the surnames being researched by many of our Society's members - i.e. those with email addresses.

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Surname Interests

'A' Surnames
ABBOTT(S) Banbury, Oxfordshire 18-19c
ABRAM/ABRAHAM Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Any
ACOTT Yalding, Kent 1750-1850
ADAMS Milton/Strood, Kent 19c
ADAMS Chevington / Gt. Waldingfield / Bury St Edmunds / 18-19c
ADAMS Chatham, Kent 18c
ADAMS Any, Suffolk Any
ADNAMS Portsea, Hampshire 1840s
AILESBURY Corsley, Wiltshire Any
AILESBURY Frome, Somerset Any
AINGE St Pancras, Middlesex c1820-60
ALCHIN St Leonards/Shoreditch, Middlesex 1807
ALCHIN West Malling area, Kent Pre-1750
ALDOUS Dartford, Kent 18-19c
ALEXANDER Rosherville, Kent 19c
ALLAWAY Winsley, Wiltshire Pre-1700
ALLCHIN Shoreham, Kent 19c
ALLCORN Ightham area, Kent 19c
ALLEN Dover, Kent Abt 1819
ALLEN Greenwich/Deptford, Kent 19-20c
ALLEN Smeeth, Kent 1600-1650
ALLEN Croydon, Surrey 18-19c
ALLEN Bexley, Kent 19-20c
ALLEN Wells, Somerset 18-19c
ALLEN Bow, Middlesex 19c
ALLSOPP SMITH Woolwich/Plumstead, Kent 19c
ANDERSON Frindsbury, Kent 1800s
ANDERSON Shoreditch/Hoxton, Middlesex 1840-1900
ANDERSON Lambeth, Surrey 1820-1840
ANDERTON Wigan, Lancashire 19c
ANDREWS Peckham, Surrey 19c
APPLETON Plumstead, Kent 1860s
APPLETON Shadwell, Middlesex 19c
APPLETON Gravesend, Kent 18-19c
APPS Chatham, Kent 18c
APPS Canterbury, Kent 1670-1720
APTHORP Boston, USA 1700+
ARCHER Elmton/Ridgeway, Derbyshire & Elkesley, Notts 17-20c
ARGAR Elham, Kent Any
ARLIN Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
ARLING Swanscombe / Woolwich, Kent 18-19c
ARMITAGE Stoke Newington, Middlesex 19-20c
ARMSTRONG Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
ARMSTRONG Clerkenwell, Middlesex Pre-1850
ARNELL Northfleet, Kent 1750-1800
ARNOLD Gravesend, Kent 19-20c
ARNOLD Swingfield, Kent 19c
ARTER Northampton, Northants Pre-1900
ARTER Deptford area, Kent 18-19c
ARTHUR Scotland & Greenhithe, Kent All
ASHBY Penshurst/Lamberhurst, Kent 18-19c
  ASHDOWN Leigh/Penshurst, Kent 17-19c
ATH Dartford, Kent 1527-1591
ATTEWELL Drayton, Berkshire 18-19c
ATWOOD Sanderstead, Surrey 17-19c
AUBURN Highgate area, Middlesex Any
AUGER Chatham, Kent 19c
AUSTIN Medway/Dartford, Kent 1800-1850
AUSTIN Islington, Middlesex & Bermondsey, Surrey 1820s
AVEY Stowlangtoft, Suffolk Pre-1800
AXTON Bexley & Welling, Kent 19c+20c
AYLESBURY Corsley, Wiltshire Any
AYLESBURY Frome, Somerset Any
AYLWARD Waterford, Ireland 1810s