New Members Interests Instruction Page

If you are a member of the Society and would like your surname interests added to these web pages, please send details by email to quoting the following :-

  • Your name
  • Society membership number

Then, for each surname being researched show the Area and Period you are interested in. To ease the process of adding your names to our database, please model your entries on the following examples :-

Surname Area Period
HOLMES Bromley, Kent 18-19c
KIMBER Orpington/Chelsfield Kent 1720-1850
RUDD Camberwell area, Surrey Pre-1880
MILBOURNE Any Sussex Any
SHARP Lewisham, Kent & Croydon, Surrey 1770+

You need not restrict your surnames to Kent interests. In general we restrict the definition of 'London' to the City only, i.e. prior to the formation of the County of London in 1889. For areas outside the city, please use Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Kent etc. as appropriate.
Please also note the following points :-

  • If you change your email address, please let us know by sending an email to the above address. Again, please identify yourself with a membership number.
  • A surname can be included more than once if the place & time period are very different. However, please try to minimise the size of our web pages by combining place names together as far as possible and giving broad date ranges - rather than listing a number of slightly different place and date combinations. Entries for the same surname repeated more than two or three times may be omitted.
  • Identify variants separately only if they are important and would appear at different places in the alphabetical sequence.
  • Don't include forenames, or any unnecessary additional details. If you do, they will be omitted.There's no specific limit on the number of entries we can include per person, but please be reasonable.
  • If you are changing or supplementing a previous submission, please make this clear so as to avoid duplicating your earlier entries - reconciling old and new entries can be time-consuming, so please avoid repeatedly adding new entries. If you're not sure about whether surnames are on the site, please check first.
  • These on-line listings are separate from the printed Members' Interests that appear each quarter in the journal.

If you are making a study of a particular town or village, or a specific subject area connected with family history, we can include that too.