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Zoom Session discussion Migration and other...

The 5th July discussion zoom 'Migration' session went on till 12.40 and ranged from the 20 min presentation that was recorded to other topics:-

Occupations and how did people know there were jobs to go to. Word of mouth, Newspapers, trade links, parish correspondence.

Religion and its prosecution forcing people to leave their native area to safer places.

Poverty and the need to earn a living.

Labourers their jobs being more than just shovelling earth. The social context of country folk being fitter and able to do the strenuous work and being feed better by their employer/contractor so having the strength needed. Ref to my ancestor was … books

Domestic service trying to find out why they moved, was it because their employer had two or more houses and they moved between his properties.

Tracking movements on maps and comparing with a time line to see how and perhaps learn why people moved.

Military and movement between postings

Mariners and meeting wives from different areas.

Railway workers having moved for the job.

Canals and barge people moving down the waterway to meet and live rather than their original parish

Problems of the 1921 census and its indexes online and how you can check it against electoral registers of the same period.

The meaning of the codes in the electoral registers.

When did women get the vote.

Non-conformists going to their church rather than using their local C of E Church for baptisms.

This session's PowerPoint presentation was recorded and is available in the MOA (members only area). 

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