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Basic Excel Workshop 26 April 2023.

During one discussion session members asked for a repeat of the 'Basic Excel' Workshop so they can understand how it can be used for family history research.

Microsoft 'Excel' is a spread sheet program that is a useful tool for organizing and researching your family history.

If you want a method for organising your records or trying to break down that 'brick wall' in your research this may offer you the necessary tools.

Many people have this software on their computers but have never used it. If you have it on your computer and want to learn about it and how it can help you, this workshop is for you

This workshop will explain the basic methods of using Excel and give a number of examples that will help you with your family research

If you want to attend the 'Basic Excel' Workshop please email workshop.booking@nwkfhs.org.uk and asked to be registered for the workshop.

Later in the season we will run a more detailed session to show some of the more complex uses it can be put to. If this interests you contact workshop.booking@nwkfhs.org.uk and ask for details and to be put on the list to attend.

The Society has over the years used Excel to transcribe and index data to be published and put on our web site and if you would like to volunteer to help the Society. These workshops will give you the knowledge to help our projects team. 

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